Alilo Talking Pen

If you are a parent of a preschooler, you don't want to miss this post! Today I want to share something very special with you all. Let me introduce you to Alilo the talking pen. The Alilo talking pen went above and beyond all my expectations. Alilo is a completely interactive educational resource. The pen … Continue reading Alilo Talking Pen

Klutz Craft & STEAM Kits

Do you get into arts & crafts? I love to make things but need inspiration! My son and I try to do at least one project a day. These kits are perfect for those little crafters in your life (or adults such as myself). Everything you need in one box!! Great gift ideas! Klutz Jr … Continue reading Klutz Craft & STEAM Kits

David Jr. And Om Nom

David Jr. And Om Nom Featuring Your Child Picture Book 32 Pages Ages 3-10 LionStory Books Hardcover Make friends with Om Nom! Meet the Nommies. Get inside the game. Save the world from Spider! Your personalized book with Om Nom — the world-famous cute green monster from “Cut the rope” games and “Om Nom Stories” … Continue reading David Jr. And Om Nom

STEAM Subscription Box For Kids

I'm so excited about this amazing opportunity to partner with Womple Studios to share the WompleBox with you!! You all know we are HUGE fans of reading! Womple Studios takes reading to the next level with the WompleBox. The WompleBox is a monthly subscription box for kids. Every month, kids are sent on an adventure … Continue reading STEAM Subscription Box For Kids

Qbi Toys Exploration Packs

Looking for hours of fun, learning, entertainment for your kids? Whether they are preschoolers or older - Qbi Explorer Packs have something for each age group. I have the great honor of working with Qbi Toys and helping them launch. The link to their Kickstarter is at the end of this post. Let's talk about … Continue reading Qbi Toys Exploration Packs

AILA – Animal Island Learning Adventure

As parents we would do anything to help our children succeed, right?  I know I will.  What I'm about to share with you is a preschool curriculum system that our family has really high hopes for.  My son just turned two on August first.  He isn't really talking yet.  He says one or two words, … Continue reading AILA – Animal Island Learning Adventure