Klutz Craft & STEAM Kits

Do you get into arts & crafts?

I love to make things but need inspiration! My son and I try to do at least one project a day. These kits are perfect for those little crafters in your life (or adults such as myself). Everything you need in one box!! Great gift ideas!

Klutz Jr – My STEAM Lab Color Science Book & Craft Kit

Art and Craft Kit

32 Pages

Ages 6-10

Scholastic/‎Klutz Press

Experiment with colorful reactions while learning simple chemistry concepts.Junior scientists can explore fizzing, color-changing, gelatinous experiments, all while learning about color. Drop color tablets into water and create a magical, walking color. Create a magic wand using colorful jellies. Stack a petri dish to make a lava lamp. And even discover chromatography by making your own tie-dye chalk!

Purchase STEAM Lab Color Science

Klutz Maker Lab – Bio Chem Creatures Book & S.T.E.M Kit

Book & S.T.E.M. Kit

32 Pages

Ages 7-10

Scholastic/‎Klutz Press

For slime lovers, this kit offers something new that’s just as ooey and gooey! Pour neon gel that forms biopolymer blobs from the chemical reaction between sodium alginate and calcium chloride. Ten activities explore life cycles, adaptation, and traits that real animals use in the wild from tardigrades to axolotl. Create your very own blobby friends, complete with eyeballs, tentacles, mustaches, and other body parts. Keep your creatures safe in aquatic test tube terrariums.

Purchase Bio Chem Creatures

Klutz Maker Lab – Light-Up Rock & Gem Collection Book & S.T.E.M Kit

Book & S.T.E.M.


32 Pages

Ages 7-10

Scholastic/‎Klutz Press

Get the stone-cold facts on rocks! Packed with 29 unique rocks, gems, and minerals, this is the perfect kit to start or expand a rock collection. Build a color-changing light-up display with an agate slice: use it as a lamp, or study the stones up close with the included magnifying glass. Learn fun facts about each rock in the fully colored 32-page book including 6 experiments and activities with easy-to-find ingredients from home.

Purchase Rock & Gem Collection

Klutz Enchanted Fairy House Book & Activity Kit

Art and Craft Kit

Ages 7-18

Scholastic/Klutz Press

Let your imagination fly free with this playable fairy kit. Make a little mini magic! Bring three whimsical fairy dolls to life. Mix and match colorful glitter skirts, wooden beads, flowing yarn hair, and faux flowers to design and dress the fairies with twisted wire and glue. Build their home and decorate it with teeny furniture, enchanted flowers, and faux moss. Finally, cut and bind an illustrated, fairy-sized storybook featuring your three fairies on a rhyming adventure.

Purchase Enchanted Fairy House

Klutz Mini Clay World Cute Café Book & Activity Kit

Book & Activity Kit

32 Pages

Ages 7-12

Scholastic/Klutz Press

Batter up! Serve tiny clay waffles fresh off the griddle in your own miniature bakery-café with al fresco dining. Oven-bake clay is perfect for sculpting your favorite sweet treats and adorable animals. Choose from 17 step-by-step projects, including donuts, macarons, croissants, and more! (Don’t forget the tiny café cats and bird friends.) Assembling your café is a breeze, and tiny papercraft projects let you box up your clay confections with baker’s twine.

Purchase Cute Café

Klutz Tiny Ceramics Studio Book & Activity Kit

Art and Craft Kit

32 Pages

Ages 8-18

Scholastic/Klutz Press

Make little bowls with big style! An entire pottery workshop is inside this kit–wheel included! Learn hand-building techniques with clay using a turntable and miniature bowl molds. Let your creations air-dry, then paint them with vivid colors. Finally, glaze your pots, plates, bowls, and vases with clear glaze to get that artisanal finish.

Purchase Tiny Ceramics Studio

My Thoughts

Rating: 5 out of 5.

You can’t ask for a better gift for your child! Whether they are makers or explorers there’s something for everyone! They are also great for adults that need a little direction, such as myself! Each kit contains everything you need all in one box! Spend quality time with your kids by making something spectacular!

Huge thanks to my partner, Scholastic for my gifted kits! You can click on any of the purchase links above to learn more or get some kits for your home!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


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