WompleBox: Rapa Nui

It’s that time again! Another great adventure with our friend Womple! Today we are headed to Rapa Nui.

One of my favorite parts about the WompleBox is that I get to learn new things right along with my son. Each box gives a totally immersible inside look into places I’ll probably never get to see in my lifetime. Not only do we learn together but we also have awesome projects to do with each other. My son gets so excited every time he gets his Blue box delivered each month.

Each box contains the following:

  • Book
  • Two STEM Activities
  • Fold Out Map/Information Sheet
  • Stationary
  • Stickers
  • Collectible Keychain

So in the Rapa Nui WompleBox you start out by reading the book, Land Of Giants. While reading you will go on an adventure with Womple and learn all sorts of cool things. Once you are finished with the book you get to do the STEAM Projects – the stick chart and outrigger canoe. Both projects you will have just read about in the book. Once your adventure is done you can sit down and write about your adventures on your stationary and decorate it with stickers. You can save it to read in the future or send it to share with someone. The keychains are one of my favorite parts, each one is unique to the area you just discovered. You can also get a Womple plush (sold separately) to really enhance the experience. We got one and my son always makes me bring him out to the table when we are exploring the box!

The entire experience is immersive, and a great way to spend quality time with your child/children. The quality of everything is top notch. These boxes are geared towards ages 6-11 years old. Womple Studios will be rolling out the DinoBox in the future which will be for the younger kids 3-5 years old. I, personally can’t wait for it!

Womple Studios Mission

At Womple Studios, we inspire kids to discover the wonders of their world.

Who They Are

We’re a global team of storytellers, educators, and designers. We’re also parents, kids-at-heart, and adventure-seekers. We’re individuals with a variety of life experiences, but we share a common passion for exploring the world and beyond – or, as we like to call it, wompling!

What They Do

We want to ignite a passion for discovery and learning that will last a lifetime. And the best way to engage kids and spark their interest is through the incredible power of storytelling.

Who hasn’t been swept away by a story? Great stories transport you to new places: spelunking in underwater caves, trekking through hot and humid jungles, climbing to the peaks of treacherous volcanoes.

Stories also help kids understand complex topics and other people by immersing them in new experiences and putting them in others’ shoes. Stories illuminate new concepts, expand kids’ worldview, and build empathy.

That’s why we spend our waking (and dreaming) moments creating new stories. Through words, images, and hands-on activities, every Womple Studios product is built around a story and crafted to immerse kids in an amazing experience while discovering the wonders of our world.

Website ~ Instagram ~ Facebook

If you are looking for a great way to spend time with your kids, creating and learning, look no further! Click the link below so start your subscription!!

Get WompleBox

Thank you all for joining me today, have a wonderful day!


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