About Me

Good Afternoon to all my readers! I pray everyone is doing as well as could be. I would like to take some time and tell you guys a little bit about my purpose. So bare with me, as I explain why I do what I do.

The little guy here in the picture means everything to me, but let me start at the beginning. I have lived a life that hasn’t been the best. I am 38 years old now, but from the time I was 16 until 37 I had a horrible addiction. I couldn’t stop using drugs! I made bad choices, leaving me a felony record, a beaten ex-wife, and no trust from the ones I loved the most. I just knew that the damage I had done to my body was why I was never able to have children. On November 11, 2017 I met my husband, and we haven’t spent a day apart since that day (minus some legalities, which I’ll get to). Together we used drugs, fought with each other and committed crimes together. Well almost a year after we had gotten together we got busted for above mentioned crimes. Four days later we were released into our local drug court program, which I just knew we were going to fail.

So from mid November until mid December we both continued using trying to beat the system. We failed. On December 15, 2017 we both got locked back up. The next morning in our county jail I requested a pregnancy test. Even though I knew for sure I wasn’t able to get pregnant my husband thought I was, so I tested just to prove to him he was wrong! December 16, 2017 is a day I will always hold dear to my heart, despite being incarcerated on that day. I was told I was pregnant.

Now let me back up a little and tell you what I did when I first got on drug court. I prayed. Yes I prayed asking God to please help me get through the program. Yes I only prayed to get through the year sober. God answered more than one prayer for me that day. I had always wanted a child but honestly thought it would never happen. Both of my brothers each had four or five kids, so I thought the worst. Sitting in my jail cell over joyous, yeah that sound like an oxymoron. I was finally pregnant. I knew from that moment on that drugs were no longer going to rule my world. Two days after I found out I was released from jail, while my man remained locked up. For the next 4 months I lived in a rehab. I learned so much! My husband was also in a rehab on the opposite side of the state. He was also extremely happy that we were pregnant! This would be his first child too.

Fast-forward to present day. My husband and I have both been sober 16 months now, Praise God!! We have a beautiful health baby boy! Life is grand. I am lucky enough to have my husband provide financially so that I can stay home and raise this little munchkin. About a month ago I decided I wanted to be an influencer. I also decided to try and grow my social media and create a blog. I don’t have tens of thousands of followers, and my blog is fairly new. Besides taking care of my son I wanted something at home to keep me busy. Friends are a rare commodity now that I am sober.

Each day I am trying to learn more about blogging and being successful on social media. So here’s my question to my readers: What can I do differently? What do people want to see more of? If you are a blogger, give me some tips please.

In conclusion I’m going to end this here. Now that I’ve shared a little about myself and my journey that has brought me here. Do me a favor and if you like this post give me a comment or even a like. Thank you all and have a blessed day!!


One Blessed Momma

Beauty Product Must Haves

Hey momma’s!

I’ve found that being self quarantined and not leaving your own house many different things take place.

For me I’ve been trying to get myself organized and back to my regular “at home” routine.  Included in this is my daily beauty regimen.  I am so happy I have!

So for those that don’t know, I’m beyond obsessed with skincare items!! I have a collection that many would call ridiculous.  However, as I get older I want my skin to look young.  I mean isn’t that what every woman wants.

I want to share with you guys two of my favorite daily essentials.  These are must haves.

We all need a great facial moisturizer that hydrates without feeling greasy, right?  That is exactly what Super C-22 by Body Merry does.  It gets it’s name because it is 22% vitamin C and blended with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and CoQ10.  It’s a lightweight moisturizer that does a heavyweights job. It’s got shea butter and jojoba oil that’s gently hydrates.  It reduces redness and gives you an overall radient look.  I faithfully use it every morning, and it lasts all day long.  Like I said it’s a essential tool to add to your beauty toolbox.  

You can get yours HERE.  Use MOMMASPOT20 and get 20% off!! (Offer good until April 6th, so hurry!)

My next favorite is Yeouth’s Radient Eye Gel.  This eye gel I use in the morning and at night.  I have always had dark circles and puffiness underneath my eyes.  Lately I’ve started to get fine lines and some crows feet.  This eye gel targets each of my problems and putting a stop to it.  It will also treat droopy lids and bags under the eyes if you have that also.  The first time I used it I did a whole squirt.  Do not use a whole squirt, you can use the smallest dot on your fingertip for desired results.  I love this eye gel.

You can get yours HERE.

So please if you have used either of these, comment below as to your thoughts on them.  I know they will be positive.  Also don’t forget the coupon code for the Body Merry is only good until April 6th so jump on it.

With that being said I’m going to try to be actively blogging more.  I know I’ve left you guys hanging for a while there but no more!  

I pray you are remaining safe and healthy.

One Blessed Momma 

Coronavirus – Living In New York

I pray that as you are reading this that you are somewhere safe and healthy.

The Coronavirus has shook the United States. More specifically the state of New York. Out of the 135,000 United States cases, 59,300 all fall in the state of New York.

To say this is a scary time is an understatement. Too many people aren’t taking it seriously and that’s why it has spread so fast here in NY. People thinking that they are immune. I never once thought that I would live through something like this in my lifetime.

For almost 2 weeks now I haven’t left my home. Being a stay at home mom has made this self quarantine so much easier.  I watch my son play and am so thankful that he doesn’t know what’s going on outside our home right now.  One day when he goes to school he will learn about this time in his history class. 

When this first started I thought it was being blown out of proportion.  I was so wrong.  If you are somewhere that this hasn’t hit hard yet, please stay inside and stay safe.  The sheer devastation hurts my heart.  So many people are losing their lives in hospital beds, no family members are allowed to be there to share their last moments.  Hospitals in NYC have refrigeration trucks outside because their hospitals cannot contain the number of bodies that they are losing.  

This virus has changed since it got to the USA.  It’s no longer just targeting older people and people with pre-existing lung conditions.  Young, healthy people are dying.  An infant died in the US just the other day.  No one is safe.  Stay at home.  You don’t need to go to the store, or to go out with your friends.  Spring break can wait.  Do your part and stop the spread so you don’t end up like we are here in New York, Italy & Spain.  It’s not worth it, anything can wait. 

My heart goes out to everyone that has lost someone.  I pray for each and every one of you.  I pray for those that have it, that they have a quick recovery.  I pray that families that don’t have it, don’t come in contact with it.

I don’t only pray for my country, I pray for this whole world, all of humanity.  We all need to stand together and pray. Pray for God’s mercy upon us, pray for those that have lost someone, pray for those who remain afflicted.  Pray for your families, your friends, your neighbors and even your enemies.

Take this time to be grateful for all that you have.  Until two weeks ago we had dinner with my parents every Saturday.  A weekly get-togethers to love, share, and laugh together.  My parents only live ten minutes away and I cannot see them.  Call your loved ones, video chat often.  Tell them you love them.  Forgive those who have wronged you.  Take ten minutes out of your day and just pray! There’s power in prayer! Amen!

To anyone reading this I pray that God’s love and mercy be upon you.  

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stop The Spread & Save Lives

Let’s pray for humanity!

One Blessed Momma

Models The Whole Family Will Enjoy!

As parents we all continuously try to find ways for our children to be creative.  In a day and age where electronics rule, sometimes it’s hard to find something our children will enjoy.  Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of educational apps out there, but you don’t want your child relying on a tablet for everything.  We need to find hands on activities that our children will enjoy, and not view as a punishment or chore.  I have found something that I believe every child, no matter what age, will be excited about.

Let me introduce you to Ugears!  I can’t lie, even as an adult I was excited about getting my hands on these.   I’m sure you will be too! Scroll to the bottom to get your discount code now!

Easy Versions

Ugears creates 3D wooden models in the form of a puzzle that the whole family will enjoy.  Each model comes with everything you need to complete each project.  There is no need for glue or any tools.  These models are self-propelled.  You heard it right, each of these models moves in different ways without the use of engines or batteries.  They also have models that don’t move, those models are much less complicated and are more for your younger children.  The smaller models can be put together and painted to your child’s preferences.  

There are models that are intermediate.  These are geared towards young adults.  Then they have the advanced models that target teenagers and adults.  

I personally got an Amber Box.  This box is intricately designed.  It comes with real amber pieces that create a beautiful end creation.  The amber box opens up and has different compartments.  Perfect for jewelry. Check out the video below to view my Amber Box.

Amazing Right???

They have so many different models to choose from. You really have to check them out. Check out the link below to go directly to their YouTube channel and view all the amazing models they have.

UGears YouTube

I honestly cannot get enough of these models… I aim to collect them all! Whether you are into models, or your significant other & kids are, you cannot go wrong with these models. They make perfect gifts for any occasion. This coming year why don’t you give a unique gift that will last a lifetime. Get a few models and sit down as a family and have some quality time, or you can even share one and work on it together.

Use MOMMASPOT for 15% off your order!

Head on over to www.ugearsmodels.us to browse and find your perfect model today. Or you can just click HERE and it’ll take you there directly!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and enjoy your new puzzles!

One Blessed Momma

Make Extra Money While Going To College

Hey there Momma’s! I hope you are all enjoying your week so far, and avoiding the Coronavirus by any means necessary.

So I know there are some of you that have children that are in college, and some of you are in college yourself trying to further your degrees. I would love to share with you how to make money by doing what you already do in classes.

Going to college can be demanding, not leaving much room for a full or even part time job. Making ends meet can seem next to impossible. I’m sure that the mom’s in college find it even harder, trying to take care of children and going to school leaves no room for working. Here is an alternative you can all benefit from.

I would like to introduce you to OneClass. At OneClass you can get paid to take notes! OneClass will pay you $470 per course of notes. They have over a thousand schools that have classes that need notes taken in. By uploading your weekly notes you can make a difference. OneClass will also give you a reference letter to add to your resume.

On the other hand, say you are horrible at taking notes and actually need help studying for your classes. For less than $10/month you can access all the study notes you need. OneClass offers notes on courses, texts, study guides and exam prep.

Maybe you excel in one course but need help in another, OneClass can help with one and pay you for the other!

I honestly wish that I knew about this when I was in college. I could have definitely used the extra money. Ready to get started? Click on the link below!


I hope you found this as informative and as useful as I have. I hope you all enjoy your weekend!\

One Blessed Momma

Affordable & Organic Skin Care

Let’s talk about skincare! This year I will be turning 40 years young, and taking care of my skin has never been more important. I’m sure many can agree that time does not do our skin justice. We develop fine lines & wrinkles, our skin gets dull, our elasticity fails us and all other problems we face.

As we scourge the internet looking for the “right” miracle product we come across prices that are just mind blowing! I’ve actually seen some skincare products costing thousands of dollars. Then if you are looking for organic or vegan products those prices just keep rising. I don’t know about you, but I don’t happen to have that kind of money laying around. Even if I did, I don’t believe I could justify a purchase like that to myself.

I have had the honor of working with a company that can solve these problems for us. They are organic and vegan products that are sourced ethically, and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. The company is called Argan Beauty Deep. They source high quality products right from the source. Their argan oil is sourced right from Morocco where the finest argan oil is produced. Argan Beauty Deep works hand & hand with a member from BAYTI Association which is a non-profit that helps children. Argan Beauty Deep is based in the UK, but don’t worry – we can still purchase their products.

I would like to share with you my opinion of four different products from Argan Beauty Deep. Next month I will share new products! So be on the lookout for that!

The Products

Natural Beldi Moroccan Black Soap

This black moroccan soap has me at a loss for words. With only 4 simple ingredients which are also vegan and cruelty free, this soap gently exfoliates your skin removing dead skin while providing an immense amount of hydration. The end result leaves your skin feeling so smooth, soft and hydrated.

Ingredients: Water, Olive Oil, Potassium Hydroxide & Lemon Essential Oil

Aloe Retinol Facial Serum

This aloe retinol facial serum is designed to brighten your skin tone while providing key nourishment for anti-aging problems. This helps to stimulate your collagen productions reducing those crows feet we all get as the years go on. This serum also works well for acne problems by unclogging pores reducing breakouts. All that sun damage we acquired while out tanning?? This will help reduce the effects of that also.

Natural Organic Handmade Sunscreen

I am so excited to tell you about this sunscreen! This stuff is amazing, it protects you from the sun and is waterproof. Not waterproof like other sunscreens claim to be, but really waterproof. This sunscreen gives you all day protection without your face looking or feeling greasy. With only seven pronounceable ingredients! I can honestly say that I will never use another sunscreen again. Thick and creamy so you don’t need much, this jar will last all summer!

Pro Age Renew Serum

This pro age serum is another of my favorites. I apply it each night before bed and let the magic happen! This serum is packed with vitamins and minerals! After using this for a few weeks now I have noticed I have a glow back to my skin, my face feels firmer. I have also noticed that my skin tone is levelling back out, no more dark spots. I also have very dry skin and this also does well at hydrating while I sleep.


So if you are aging and it shows, why not treat yourself to a skincare line that not only won’t break the bank, but that also provides quality organic products that are cruelty free? I, myself, will continue to trust Argan Beauty Deep for my skincare concerns! Next month I will be bringing you some more products that you won’t be able to live without.


I pray you all have a wonderful weekend!

One Blessed Momma

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation (PBM) or low level light therapy (LLLT) has been around for years. In the early 1990’s scientists used RLT to help grow plants in space, finding that the intense light from red light-emitting diodes (LEDs) helped promote growth and photosynthesis of plant cells. Since then RLT has been studied for it’s potential in medicine to see if it would increase the energy inside human cells.


Now that the scientific lingo is out of the way, let me tell you what this means for us. Red light therapy is now used for the following:

As you can see RLT helps a wide variety of skin, muscle and joint problems. Something that really came as a surprise to me was that RLT also helps with your overall mood. People suffering from seasonal depression find red light treatment very beneficial in stabilizing their moods, according to an article on The Mayo Clinic.

As you can see, everyone can benefit from using red light therapy. Red light therapy is being used by NFL, NHL, UFC, MLB as well as Olympians. Claiming that it helps with joint pain and inflammation, physical performance, and skin health.

For best results it is recommended that you do red light therapy 3-5 times a week (15 minute sessions) for the first 1-4 weeks. After the four weeks it is recommended that you continue doing therapy 1-3 times a week to keep results at there best.

Where can you go to get all these benefits of RLT?

Option 1

There are many places you could go to get red light therapy. They are set up like a tanning salon with a red light bed, and will cost you anywhere from $100 – $375 per 15-20 minute session. Ok, let’s do the math really quick here… So low end $100 at 3x a week is $300 and high end $375 at 3x a week is $1,125. Per recommendation that would be between $1200 – $5000 a month. I don’t know about you but I just don’t have that kind of money just laying around.

Option 2

Purchase a medical grade red light for your home. With your own personal red light, you could do the recommended 5 times a week at 20 minutes per session for one low price. Prices for your own red light range in prices from $250 – $1200. To me that is way more feasible than the prior option.

My Findings

When you are on the verge of putting out a chunk of money it’s best to do your homework. There were two companies that sold the red light that I wanted for my home. They both looked to be very similar in appearance.

There was Mito Red Light & Joovv.

While they looked the same, that’s where the similarities ended. The prices were the first big difference I noted. The Joovv Solo with door mount kit is $1,195. The Joovv Solo measures at 8.75 x 36″. The MitoMAX with door mount kit is $759 and measures 8.25″ x 36″. The next big difference was the output of light (both tested at same laboratory). Please see chart below.

As you can see above, with the MitoMAX you get more light and energy output for a fraction of the price. Then I compared both companies smaller light the MitoMID and the Joovv Mini. The MitoMID costs $449 and measures 8.25″ x 19″. The Joovv Mini costs $695 and measures 8.75″ x 15″. Again, with the MitoMID you get a bigger light for a fraction of the cost. No Brainer!!

My MitoMID

After much research and talking to my fiance about it, we went ahead and got the MitoMID. I was so excited waiting for it to arrive! Here’s what comes inside the box.

  • 1 X Power cord
  • 1 X Goggles
  • 1 X User Manual
  • 1 X Steel cable
  • 1 X Door hanging hook
  • 1 X Adjustable height pulley system 

We decided to hang it on the back of our bedroom door, it fits behind the door even when the door is fully open. I did not expect to feel results just after one use. I was completely wrong! I sat for ten minutes with my back to it and ten minutes facing it (with goggles). It is completely relaxing first and foremost. I felt rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. My shoulders no longer felt stiff and sore, my lower back has never felt better. I have been using the MitoMID for a week now, twice a day (morning & night) and I am so happy that we got it. I sleep so much better throughout the night, waking up without that groggy feeling. After a long day of chasing a toddler around I do another session and it just eases every ache and pain I accumulated during the day. Even a long hot bath has nothing on a red light therapy session, and all from the comfort of your own home.


I highly recommend RLT to everyone, and if you want the most affordable red light for your home I would definitely go with Mito Red Light. Their lights also come with a 2 year warranty. If you can’t afford to pay that much you can also pay through Affirm on Mito Red Lights website. The MitoMID would also make a great gift for anyone… However, once you try it you may not want to give it away!!

Use coupon code MOMMASPOT for 5% off your red light! Click HERE to get your own life changing red light!


I hope you all have a wonderful week!

One Blessed Momma

💖 Baby Boys First Birthday 💖

Just a little over a year ago, I was blessed with the most precious little boy ever! For those of you that have read my pinned post you have a better understanding of why my baby is so very special to me. Let me tell you, this year has flown by so fast. You really don’t see your baby changing right in front of your eyes until you go back and see pictures from when they were first born.

We had his first birthday party at my parents house. We spent the day there, setting up and trying to get everything in place. David Jr. (Baby boy) was so excited with everything going on that he took a twenty minute nap. He normally sleeps for 1-1.5 hours each morning. Needless to say he was cranky by the time the party started. He was ok as long as he was able to play with the other kids that were there, but when it came to sitting down for his cake and presents he wasn’t having it. More on this in a little bit.

We had set up two different little pools, each with their own ball pit balls. A huge dragon floaty, and I do mean huge. A Tigger tunnel to crawl through. We set up a rainbow arch sprinkler in the backyard, fully equipped with a slip and slide under it. We had blow up pink flamingo hats for a ring toss.

It was a dinosaur party, and we had the cutest dinosaur tableware. We also had six huge dinosaur mylar balloons blown up. We attached 3 balloons to each anchor to hold them down. Unfortunately, one of the anchors broke and 3 of my baby’s dinosaur balloons flew away. We had a cute little personalized banner that read “Roar, David Jr. Is One” hanging off the canopy when you first come into the yard.

We had about 400 different little party favors so that we could make little bags for all the kids that came. We got drinks, soda & Huggies for the kids. We bought Little Caesars pizzas. We also got a half sheet cake, half chocolate, half white, with strawberry filling of course! Unfortunately the bakery didn’t have any cartoon dinosaur patterns, so we got the Jurassic Park themed cake. David Jr. got his very own 5″ cake all to himself.

The kids played for a while. They jumped in the dragon like it was a bounce house! The bigger kids played in the larger ball pit, while the smaller ones played in the “watermelon pool” ball pit. The bigger ball pit had 400 colorful translucent large balls, while the smaller pit had a mix of blue & while balls and pastel colored star shaped balls (totally unique). Then they wanted to play with the sprinkler. It was around eighty degrees out so that wasn’t a problem. My son isn’t walking yet so I brought him to the edge of the rainbow where a jet of water was spraying out. He loved it! He was so excited he was shaking and giggling. His daddy decided to take one for the team and run under the sprinkler while holding the baby. Little David was so happy being able to do it like the bigger kids! After going through twice, Daddy talked Mommy into going through with him. Let me tell you it was ice cold!! Anything for our child though.

Everyone ate pizza and some chicken wings. It was cake time! We bought the baby the cutest cake smash outfit. It was dinosaurs, a diaper cover, a bowtie, and suspenders! We brought his cake out with a #1 candle lit on top, everyone started singing, and our little boy decided it was shy time and started crying. We blew out his candle and set his cake down, and his hands went directly in it!! However, he was still somewhat miserable. I’ll tell you the power of a nap is no small deal. Grandma took the baby inside for a quick bath while me and his dad cut the cake, and served it with ice cream to everyone. When he came back out he had his regular birthday outfit on, which was a pair of shark shorts and a shirt that said “Birthday Shark, Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Do”.

Present Time!! That should be exciting right? He was excited to rip off wrapping paper and seeing new toys, but to get him to let go of the new toys to open up more was harder than we planned. I honestly think he was just tired of sitting in the high chair and not being able to play with the other kids.

Once he was able to get down and play all was right in his little world. He played hard with all of them, trying to keep up as fast as his crawling would let him. After all the kids left and we started cleaning up we put him in the swing, five minutes later, he was OUT!

Mommy and Daddy were so happy with the way his party turned out. He was spoiled with all his presents, cards, clothes and money. Yet every time I look at him, it’s I who feels like I have been spoiled with such a beautiful baby boy, that God blessed me with.

Shop David Jr.’s Party

I was extremely blessed to be working with such great companies! Below you can shop my baby boys birthday party and have as much fun as we did.

The beautiful personalized birthday banner was made by Crimson by Emily on Etsy! She did an amazing job. You can check out all she has to offer at the link below! https://www.etsy.com/shop/CrimsonByEmily

My wonderful friend at SainSmartJr. supplied me with the rainbow arch, which she has now put on sale for my followers, (Normally $40, but get it for $29.99 here: Rainbow Arch Sprinkler

Istrion makes the cutest dinosaur party dinnerware ever! Each set is complete with 16 place settings: plates, dessert plates, cups, napkins & silverware. Get your set here – Dinosaur Party Supplies

I’ve been working with DreamBuilder Toys for a minute now. The dragon pictured above was actually designed by the owners wife. This dragon is huge and extremely sturdy. At one time during the party there was 4-5 children jumping on it at once. Right now you can save 10% just go here: Dragon Pool Float

This adorable watermelon pool was provided by XFlated. This pool was totally adorable and great for our ball pit. Click below to snag yours. Watermelon Pool

The balls we used in the watermelon pool were from PlayMaty. There was 100 pastel star balls, and 100 blue and white balls. They are super affordable and crush-proof. They have such a wide variety of ball pit balls, check them out below. Solid Color Ball Pit Balls

Our friends at EndlessGoodStuff donated 400 of these huge ball pit balls that we used for the bigger kids’ ball pit. These balls are bigger than average balls and translucent, they come in bags of 100 and the kids love them. Click below to get yours. Huge Ball Pit Balls

The folks at iPremium made it possible to make party favor gift bags for all the kids that came. These toys are amazing, not like most cheap party favors you get. The cars, and bugs you can pull back and they zoom off. Stamps, stickers, maracas, skateboards, and so much more. Almost 400 pieces of fun that all the kids loved. Go ahead and click now. Party Favors


This whole day was amazing and I am so glad I was able to share it with you! Be sure to check out my friends products above for quality made items that are already parent and kid tested and approved.

Have a great week!

One Blessed Momma

Baby Days

I cannot believe that it has almost been a year since our little angel was born. August 1st has snuck up on me way faster than I ever thought it could.

He has gone through so many changes. When I look at his newborn pictures to now it’s like he’s a whole new person. He has quite the personality. He’s got the energy of his dad, where mom is more layed back. He crawls almost faster than I can walk.

For the past 8 months he has been teething. More times than not if he’s not wearing a bib, we have to change his shirt upwards of 5 times a day. He’s a drool monster! He also loves to chew on anything. All of his toys, his shoes, even his parents are subject to his biting needs.

We are also transitioning into him trying to feed himself. For you mom’s out there I am sure you remember the countless messes your child made while trying to get the food from the spoon into their little mouth.

Thanks to The Evolved Parent Co. you can remedy both the above problems all at once. They created a spoon that is more of a little bowl that your child can get his food out of. This spoon lessens the chance of the food spilling. The spoon also doubles as an amazing teether.

This superspoon is BPA free and is a soft silicone that won’t harm your little one. They are dishwasher safe.

These spoons are a lifesaver. I take one in the diaper backpack wherever I go. My son loves these spoons too!

They have a bowl like end which is so innovative and a much better way to keep the food in until it reaches their little mouths. You have got to check out these Superspoons by The Evolved Parent Co.

You can get yourself a set today by clicking the link below!


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

One Blessed Momma

A Little Late

Good Afternoon!

So I had intended on posting about these two little outfits way before now. You will see why momentarily.

A few weeks ago I found some really good deals on some Easter outfits. However, they were in Chinese sizes and I had no clue how to figure out how to convert from Chinese to the traditional 9-12 month American sizes that I was looking for. After doing quite a bit of research I found out that the Chinese do measurements by cm of height. I did read on many sites though that the Chinese clothes ran small. My son is 29″ tall at the moment which would call for me to get a size 80 in Chinese clothes. Here is the real kicker. Once I located the nice Chinese made outfit I had wanted, I found out that you could order that one in American sizes. Ughh, all my hard work researching for nothing!! Not really, now I will know what to purchase in case I ever do run into that situation, and I thought I would share with my readers how to convert so they don’t have to research themselves.

I ended up purchasing a 12 month outfit that said it would fit 9-12 month old’s. I was really hoping that I chose correctly. Amazingly enough it ended up fitting him perfectly. I also had found it on Amazon so I didn’t have to wait up to 6 weeks for places like Wish.com shopping. I do have to say I think my little baby looks extremely handsome in his new 1st Easter outfit. I also decided to purchase one for my little niece, but I got her sizing totally wrong! Only due to the fact I figured her into being a lot smaller than she actually was. I did find that the attention to details on the little girls’ outfit was much better than the little boys. This is mainly because they have little bows, and lace attached to the outfit whereas his outfit is on the plain side. Plain side for my son is great though because I don’t want a bow ending up in his mouth!

As you can see though they are both really cute outfits. If you are looking for a good deal on an Easter outfit for someone next year, I would definitely check out the sellers of both these cute outfits. They have a beautiful quality to them that I am sure you would love as much as I have!

Link for 1st Easter : http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MXVW2TH

Link for little girls : http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07P77NF6Z

I would like to thank you for stopping by today and seeing what I had to say! Have a blessed day!

One Blessed Momma

My Baby’s First Easter

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter!

I just wanted to take some time this morning to tell you what a wonderful weekend I had. On Saturday my parents had thrown an Easter egg hunt. So my brothers both came with their kids, and then they also invited some kids in the neighborhood and external family. The turnout was great. However, in the great state of New York, it just happened to be pouring rain. There was three little ones there, mine included that were able to go our two minutes before everyone else. That way they didn’t get run over. My husband and I took our little guy out and handed him some Easter eggs, which immediately went straight into his mouth. Ughh, since it was raining some of the eggs got muddy so my son had a ring of mud around his mouth. That probably wouldn’t bother most, but I hate dirt!

For Easter day we hung out at home for most of the day. Baby boy, David Jr., had fun with his new toys! I’m already excited about next year when he’ll be able to actually have candy and open his own toys!! Yes I know I am getting way ahead of myself. I’m just so joyous that I finally had a baby!

Then for Easter dinner the whole family showed up over at my brothers house. Every year the family alternates who’s house will do what holiday. We bought David Jr. a suit for Easter and got it in 12 months. He’ll be 9 months on May 1st but he’s so tall. As we were putting the suit on though it was a little tight around his belly area. Guess the suits don’t have the stretchy ways of the regular onesie. Anyways he looked so handsome!!

As our Easter day wore down, I sat back and realized how very blessed I am. Not only do I have a beautiful son, I have an amazing husband that loves me with his whole heart. I am thankful that my addiction didn’t take me out of this world. I am also so very thankful that our God is a merciful and forgiving God. For if He wasn’t all that He is, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing about all my blessings he has bestowed upon me. I am thankful to our good Lord for everything in my life, from my son all the way to the water I am able to drink.

I pray all my readers had a beautiful day, not only yesterday, but everyday! Thank you for taking the time to read this. You, my readers, are yet another blessing!!!

One Blessed Momma