Alilo Talking Pen

If you are a parent of a preschooler, you don’t want to miss this post!

Today I want to share something very special with you all. Let me introduce you to Alilo the talking pen.

The Alilo talking pen went above and beyond all my expectations. Alilo is a completely interactive educational resource. The pen reads, plays games, sings and you can even record your own voice. I was honestly shocked at the precision of the pen. It even comes with over 500 stickers that you can record special messages on and place anywhere.

About Alilo

Alilo is geared towards 2-6 year olds and is the next level of interactive learning. Alilo is packed with functions – be it as a learning aid or as a toy, as a media player or as a recording device – it will never get boring when Alilo’s Talking Pen is around. The device comes equipped with a high quality sensor and is truly easy to operate: Simply hold the pen onto one of the marks, and the saved content will be available instantly, thus offering a consistent and satisfying learning experience.

With its extensive accessories (3 books, 100 learning cards, small study poster), Alilo’s Talking Pen offers endless entertainment. In addition, Talking Pen will ship with 540 recording stickers – simply link your own recorded message with one of the stickers and easily retrieve them later by holding the pen onto the sticker.

My Thoughts

The pen is perfect for little hands. It’s got a cute little face that children will fall in love with.I was amazed at the precision of this pen. No matter where you touch the pen responds. It comes packed with learning tools. The books come in different levels, 1-3, and each page has a variety of different activities. Games, music, read alongs and more! With the games, you get to find objects in the pages and such. You can read along by touching one sentence at a time if you’d like.

The flash cards are pretty neat. One side has a cartoon like picture with the accompanying word underneath. On the opposite side of the card is an actual picture of the word. What I thought was amazing was the different things you can do with the cards. For instance if you touch on the picture of the lion, it will Roar, but if you touch on the word Lion it will say Lion.

The pen speaks clearly and concise. These are great for learning first words, and others commonly used.There’s a fold out keyboard with the alphabet on the other side. This is probably my son’s favorite so far. The keyboard allows him to create his own music or play one of the pre-recorded tunes. On the ABC side he can touch the letters, trace them or touch the picture that matches – each place you touch responds as such.

Then we have the stickers. Each sticker is coded for you to record your own special message on it. You can place them anywhere your child will find them. I think this would be a great way to have a scavenger hunt, or to just leave an ‘I Love You’ in random places.

Overall, we love Alilo. It’s one of my son’s favorite learning devices – and he has quite a few. The ease of use is perfect for toddlers and up.

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Get Alilo

I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter weekend! Have a wonderful day!


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