WompleBox: Mexico

If you’ve been following my page you know that I absolutely love WompleBox! With that being said, they have revamped their boxes and made them even better!! How do you make something great even better?!?

This month we are going to Mexico 🇲🇽

What Is WompleBox?

WompleBox is a monthly subscription for kids ages 6-11. Each box contains two STEAM projects, a book, collectible Keychain, map, stickers, postcard, and stationary for the country your visiting. These boxes are designed to teach you a plethora of knowledge about that country.

Our award-winning box, specially designed for elementary school children who are insatiably curious about the world. Crafted to promote a global mindset and a love for exploration.

Hi there! I’m Womple, founding member of Womple Studios and proud citizen of Antarctica. Here at Womple Studios, I’m the CTO – Chief Travel Officer. It’s my job to travel the world and visit every country until I’ve seen them all. It’s the best job in the… well, in the world! Every month I get to explore new places and wonders, meet incredible people, and eat delicious foods. Know what a durian is? Neither do I! Let’s find out together.

Each box is full of all the fun stuff Womple learns on his travels – and you get to explore with him! You can actually get a plush Womple (sold separately) to make the experience even more believable. I highly suggest getting Womple – he’s absolutely adorable.

Let’s dig right into what we have in our Mexico box!!


One day, I’m enjoying hot chocolate and Pan de Muerto at the Día de los Muertos festival. The next, I’m swimming through an underground river towards a secret cave buried beneath an ancient temple. Luckily, I have the best guides a Womple could ask for with me on my journey: Ix and Manuel. But, there’s something just a little strange about them, if I could just put my finger on it… welcome to mysterious Mexico!

I love how each book connects everything in the WompleBox. The book is the story of Womple exploring Mexico – and everything he learns along the way. Inside the book you’ll learn about all the things that make Mexico unique – the important things in the culture. You will thoroughly enjoyed the journey that will lead right into your STEAM projects!


The first project is Cavernous Crystals. In this kit you have everything included to grow your very own Cavernous Crystals – which you just learned about in the book! The pamphlet gives you step by step directions to create a gorgeous blue crystal. The Little booklet also tells you how you can make crystals from everyday ingredients you can get at your local supermarket. There are also fun facts about the crystals and The Cave Of Crystals (located in Mexico).


This project is totally awesome too! You get detailed instructions on how to paint and assemble your very own Kukulkan Clock! The pamphlet shows you the number system that the Mayans used – and used those numbers for the clock face. This little booklet is filled with facts about the Temple of Kukulkan and the Mayan calendar! The clock, when finished, makes a gorgeous piece of decor – and a wonderful conversation starter.


The fold out map is packed with information! Pictured above is the picture of the map itself. Pictured below is the top section which asks questions and helps you find your way around the grid on the map.

When you turn the map over, there are 3 pages giving examples of Mexico’s Food, Nature & Culture.

In the food section you learn how to make Mexican Hot Chocolate. In the nature section you learn more about caves and crystals and in depth about Naica’s Crystal Cave itself. The culture section it tells you about Día de los Muertos and why it’s such a special holiday inn Mexico. This page also gives you info about Mexico – the continent, population, languages spoken, the capital city and the currency used there.


These are some of my favorite items in each box. You get a collectible sticker page – featuring key objects from the book, and that are inclusive to Mexico. Up next you have the adorable collectible keychain. This keychain Is the jaguar glyph which is a Mayan glyph. Then there’s the postcard which you can send to someone or add to your collection of places you’ve traveled with Womple! There is stationary with a Mexico stamp so that you can write to your friends and tell them all about your adventure to Mexico.

As you can see, the WompleBox is packed with fun stuff, and amazing learning tools. I honestly don’t know who’s more excited when the blue WompleBox arrives! I personally have learned so much about different countries from the WompleBoxes that we have received – they truly take you on a journey you won’t ever forget.

Big News

Womple Studios are getting ready to expand! I’m not sure of the exact date yet but will keep you posted. Womple Studios will be offering a box for the younger kids (3-5 years) in the near future. This one will be the DinoBox. I will let you know as soon as it drops. I personally can’t wait for my 3 year old to check that one out – okay maybe I’m really excited too!

WompleBox has different subscription options, and as always there’s free shipping on each box! Right now there’s a flash sale – use SUMMERFUN10 to get 10% off!

Get Your WompleBox

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I want to thank the amazing people at Womple Studios for the honor of working with them and being able to share these amazing boxes with you. I can’t stress to my readers just how much fun these WompleBoxes are. You’ve got to check them out – you won’t be disappointed!

Have a wonderful day my friends!


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