Luca… The Lion Who Couldn’t Eat Meat

Luca… The Lion Who Couldn’t Eat Meat

By Tersha Cutmore

Illustrated by Victoria Ward-Fowler

35 Pages Ages 0-99

Independently Published


Luca the Lion is 5 and has allergies. When he starts school he begins to really struggle with his feelings and emotions as he watches his friends eat and drink things that he can’t. His friends help him see he is not the only one and encourage him to focus on the positives and look on the bright side of life. This rhyming, witty and at times touching story is Tersha Cutmore’s debut children’s book and the beautiful illustrations have been drawn by school mum friend Victoria Ward-Fowler. Inspired by her own son Luca, his allergies and their experiences as a family this book is not only for allergy sufferers but for any child who feels different, whatever the reason.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What an amazing true story! I love how Tersha used her own life experiences with her son to create this adorable book. Bringing awareness to food allergies is phenomenal. Whether your child has an allergy or knows someone who does, this sheds light on the entire situation – helping kids feel like they aren’t alone. I love the relationship between Luca and his parents – it’s so open and understanding. The illustrations are fantastic and really bring out the feelings that each character is going through! A great read for any age!!

From The Author

I’m Tersha from Chelmsford in Essex. I’m a mummy, wife, sole trader florist, singer, keen crafter and now author!

My debut, self published, children’s book was launched on amazon in September 2020.

It’s about food and drink allergies, feeling different, friendship and always looking on the bright side of life. It’s inspired by my son Luca who has had allergies and intolerances since birth.  When he started school I truly realised how difficult it must be for him to be around others who can eat and drink things that he cant. The feelings and emotions that come with that must be so hard for a little one to understand.

The book is predominantly to support other young allergy sufferers and show them they are not alone but it’s also a learning tool to teach that we cant all have the same things, we are all different and that’s OK and that we must be understanding, kind and considerate to others.


I want to thank Tersha for gifting us this copy in exchange for our honest review. To get your hands on this book, click the link below!

Buy The Book

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