Sensory Table

I’ve teamed up with an awesome company TreasuresTR to bring you a must have if you have a toddler.

The Sensory Table


Our Double Sensory Bin & Stand is made out of Birch Plywood and will provide sensory or water games for hours for your child / children, and will be able to use it as a table outside of the game. You can fill it what your kids want to play and see them their happiness. Total stand dimensions are L: 30.7 inch W: 21.2 inch 20 inch in height ( other height available). Plastic bins dimensions are L: 16.5 inch W: 12.2 inch Deep: 4.7 inch.

Some easy assembly is required. Product will come with easy to follow instructions and pre-drilled holes for very easy assembly (just the legs will need to be put on)

Our Thoughts

This amazing dual bin sensory table is phenomenal. It comes with the table, your choice of seating (regular stool or rabbit ear chair), bins (variety of colors & sizes too choose from, and the lids for each side.

A sensory table is basically a table full of materials that get children to use all five senses. The table is set up to let children learn and engage their senses by interacting with everything that is being presented to them.

This is quality, made to last a lifetime. It’s natural wood finish brings style to whatever room it’s in. Assembly was super easy. Since the company does use wood, for each table they sell, they plant a new tree. I thought that was truly amazing.

We choose to do water beads in one side and kinetic sand in one of the smaller bins. This is just one combination you can use. Sensory tables can be filled with practically anything. Another fan favorite is rice & beans to create a construction area. There are so many great ideas on the internet if you’re looking for something new for your sensory table. When it comes to toddler activities – this is definitely a favorite in our home.

David Jr. Enjoying Himself

Then you can sit back and watch your child explore. Our son has so much fun, exploring new textures, building and finding hidden gems. Please don’t mind his lack of clothing, at home he refuses to wear anything. Luckily we keep the house very warm lol. This sensory table will keep my 2 year olds attention better than any YouTube videos or movies!

Speaking of hidden gems, you can find the link to grab a sensory table for your little one today below – just in time for Christmas!!


To all my readers, thank you so much for joining me today! I plan on bringing you plenty more amazing products that we personally use here in our home. I hope you are all enjoying December so far?!? It’s my favorite month, so we are having fun as always. Have a wonderful day – see you tomorrow!


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