Qbi Toys Exploration Packs

Looking for hours of fun, learning, entertainment for your kids? Whether they are preschoolers or older – Qbi Explorer Packs have something for each age group.

I have the great honor of working with Qbi Toys and helping them launch. The link to their Kickstarter is at the end of this post.

Let’s talk about the Explorer Packs… They have the Kids Pack which is for ages 5+ and they have the Preschool Pack for ages 2-4, I’ll explain the differences between the two here in a minute.

First – the basics. Qbi Exploration Packs are sets of tracks that the special Qbi car/truck ride along. The tracks (cubes) have six sides – a different track option on each side, and are magnetic. The different combinations of track set ups are endless. You can make a completely straight track or one full of twists and turns.

So below you will find the contents of each Pack, then I’ll explain the differences.

The Preschool Pack (Ages 2-4) –
– 20 Beginner Cubes
– 10 Fruit Cards
– 3 Storage Baskets
– 2 Pull Back Trucks
– 1 Supermarket
– 1 Preschool Mission Card

The Kids Pack (Ages 5+) –
– 20 Advanced Cubes
– 4 Bridges
– 2 Slopes
– 2 Push & Go Cars
– 2 Garages
– 1 Kids Mission Card

Let’s talk about the differences.

The beginner cubes come with white lines on either side of the track, making it easier for the little ones to put together. The advanced cubes don’t have the lines.

The vehicles in the preschool pack are pull back trucks – easier for the little guys to manage. The preschool pack has the fruit cards which sit in the back of the truck and when you pass under the supermarket the fruit cards are magnetically pulled off the truck. You can then put them in one of the 3 storage baskets.

The vehicles in the kids pack are push and go cars, a little more advanced making it better for the older kids. The kids pack also comes with slopes, either to guide the car up to the track or to make a ramp to jump from. The bridges in this pack are awesome – they are bouncy bridges that the cars go bouncing over. You also get parking garages for the cars in this one.

The magnets in each piece are super strong. You can actually make a regular bridge out of the regular cubes that will hold above another track.

Check out the video below to get a feel for what Qbi Explorer Packs can achieve.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


The Qbi Explorer Packs are STEM certified. It helps boost children’s logical thinking, spatial abilities, creativity and problem-solving skills as they build different tracks and modules.

By playing with family members and peers, children can develop their communication styles, teamwork skills and leadership abilities.

Here’s more about the team behind Qbi Toys:

Qbi was founded in 2016 by a team of young Taiwanese parents. We launched our first crowdfunding campaign in 2018, and have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to bring Qbi to more than 22 countries. Now, with over 12,000 supporters worldwide, we are releasing a new Qbi series—the Explorer Collection.

At the very beginning, we simply wanted to design joyful toys for our own kids. This time, we believe Qbi can bring laughter to more families and schools! Through toys, children happily learn multiple skills and ways to interact with the world. We are committed to exploring more creative ways to play with magnetic block toys so that parents and children can play and learn together.

Our magnetic blocks and toy cars are safe, educational, and fun. Our toys are 100% made in Taiwan. We pass SGS safety standards and meet requirements for children’s toys in the US and EU (ASTM, EN71). Qbi is STEM-certified. It helps boost children’s logical thinking, spatial abilities, creativity, and problem-solving skills as they build different tracks and modules.

As you can see the possibilities are endless. Since the Kickstarter has already hit 100k, you get a free set of classic cubes with your pledge. To learn more of to get your hands on the perfect exploration pack for your child check out the Kickstarter below!!

Qbi Exploration Pack Kickstarter

Huge thank you to Qbi Toys for sending us samples of both packs so that we could share with you!! Don’t miss out on this amazing experience, I promise it will provide hours of fun for the whole family. Me and my husband actually have contests to see who can make the best tracks!!

Thank you all for stopping in today! I will upload some picks of our different tracks we made on our next post. Have a wonderful day!


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