The Footie Fruits

The Footie Fruits Vs. The Meat-Heads

By G. Virdee & Jags Dhillon, Illustrated by VJ Chand & Baldeep Virdee

Footie Fruit Island is a place where football means everything. The fruits that live here are football crazy. The thing they are most crazy about is their favourite football team, the Footie Fruits. Every year fruits from all around the world pack their bags and travel to the island with a dream of one day playing for the famous team. Thousands of fruits attend the trials but only five are selected. Today, the chosen five have a chance to bring the prestigious Gold Trophy back to Footie Fruit island, in the ‘5-a-day cup’ final. The only thing standing in their way are the champions, the dreaded Meat-heads… Do the fruits have what it takes to win, or will they get juiced?

Our Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This book is very entertaining! The characters are well thought of and hilarious. I love how the book incorporated nutritious food vs. fatty, greasy, sugary foods. Another subject breached was bullying and how to overcome it. The illustrations are colorful and brilliant! The story reads like a comic. The ending gives you a little teaser, so you know that there will be another book coming soon. Overall a very entertaining book!

From the Author –

Hi, my name is Gurdeep Virdee and I am a P.E teacher. As a P.E teacher I know the importance of how sports can have a positive impact on children’s lives, just as it did with mine. I’ve been a full time P.E teacher for the last 12 years. There are many P.E teachers out there but I believe I’m amongst the best. I understand children and I know how to connect with them, using creativity to spark their inner sports animal instead of just making them do laps.

During my teenage years I made some friends to form into our 5 a side team (Jags Dhillon, Balu Virdee & Vijay Chand). My team and I went around the country to compete in and often win the major 5 a side football tournaments that were held at that time. We faced many challenges on and off the pitch but we stuck together through it all and because of that we are and will always remain lifelong friends.

The last few years we had a plan to write a children’s book that gets children excited about reading about football. Me and my childhood friends who also share the same passion for sport decided to collaborate and work together on creating a book we believe sensationalises football for young children. Our ambition was to create a series of Footie Fruits books that get children excited about reading through using amazing illustrations and story telling. We want them to connect to our characters and learn subtle life lessons through reading about the highs and lows of playing football. We want them to know how it feels to be a part of a team and the friendships that can be formed through sports just as me and my friends felt when we were all playing in 5-a-side football tournaments together.

Thank you to the creators of The Footie Fruits for gifting us a copy! To get your click on the book below!

To everyone that stopped in today, thank you! I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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