Silly Milly The Dane

Silly Milly The Dane

Written By Sheri Wall

Illustrated By Ilona Stuijt

Designed By Erin Riddle

Picture Book

35 Pages

Ages 3-10

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


Oh Milly, why are you so silly?

Fall in love with a silly Great Dane whose daily routine might include dressing like a superhero, playing hide-and-seek, fluffing pillows, begging for snacks, making new friends, and more!

Told from her owner’s perspective, the catchy limericks (funny five-line patterned poems) and purposeful use of repetition in Silly Milly the Dane help children:

  • Develop rhyming and poetry knowledge
  • Foster inferencing skills, comprehension, and making connections
  • Relax, enjoy, and have fun while reading

Our Thoughts

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book was so “silly” and fun to read. A great rhyming flow that describes a day in the life of a Great Dane. If you have ever owned or know someone who has owned a Great Dane, you know these are real life stories. My son really enjoyed the repetition of the words used – he knew what was coming and tried to read along. The illustrations are very well done and will make you laugh. Overall a great book!

Meet The Author

Sheri Wall is a lover of rhyme who has lived in Texas for a really long time. She would read to her sons and kids that she knew, and they all enjoyed rhyming picture books too. Then A Matter of Rhyme began as a dream to help others learn with zippy rhyme schemes. Sheri likes to stay active and be on the go, either biking, shopping, or seeing a show. To find more lively books by this witty mom, visit her website

Connect With Sheri & Milly

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Huge thank you to Sheri for gifting my son with some of her amazing books, in exchange for our honest review. To get your copy you can visit her website or if you prefer, you can also go to Amazon.

To everyone stopping by today, I appreciate your continued support! I hope you guys are enjoying your February before it’s over! Have a wonderful day!

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