Jayce The Bee

Jayce The Bee Series

By Calvin Reynolds

Today I want to share with you an amazing series that has it all! First off, Jayce is an acronym for Just Accepting Yourself Changes Everything. I love it! Let’s talk about each of the books. Every one of these books are written and illustrated by the very talented Calvin Reynolds. All the picture books below are aimed at kids ages 4-11, but as an adult i thoroughly enjoyed them as well.

Jayce: A Bee Adventure

47 Pages

To save his home colony, Jayce embarks on a desperate adventure with his friends. In a race against time, they must retrieve a magical Jewel from the clutches of a diabolical wasp king. Journey with Jayce as he discovers the valuable lessons of friendship, teamwork and most importantly, “bee-lieving” in yourself.

The Great Bee-Athlon

35 Pages

Jayce puts on his racing helmet in hopes of besting Beetopia’s fastest Bee-Athlon champion, Blitz. Things aren’t what they seem, as the race to the finish line reveals a big secret. Journey with Jayce as he embarks on another fun-filled adventure about competition and sportsmanship.

Mayhem In Beetopia

40 Pages

Mayhem breaks out when the bees of Beetopia are surprised by a misguided visitor. There’s more than meets the eye and it’s up to Jayce and his two companions to discover the motives behind this chaos in order to save the beloved Beetopia.

Journey To The Polka Dot Village

38 Pages

When Jayce and his buddy Dex embark on a journey the Polka-Dot Village, they are met with an unfriendly welcome. Despite the circumstances, Jayce showcases his big heart and courageous character to teach a valuable lesson; “Acts of kindness are essential ingredients for building friendships.”

Jayce The Bee Activities & Coloring Book

38 Pages

Enjoy all the characters from the Jayce the bee series in this fun-filled activity coloring book. Jayce The Bee Activities is full of coloring pages games, puzzles, and positive affirmations that help build confidence while having fun.

My Thoughts

Each Book In This Series Gets…

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As mentioned above I really enjoyed all of these books. Each one carries a valuable Life lesson that every child needs to learn. Not only that but the stories are imaginative and fun! The illustrations are just amazing – it’s like watching a cartoon series unfold. The activity and coloring book are the icing on the cake! Now my son can try to recreate the magic with his crayon abilities.

Just Accepting Yourself Changes Everything

With the world our children are growing up in and the “standards” that are set by society, it’s so very important to let you child know that it’s their uniqueness that makes them great! I think Calvin nails it with this series, and I’m so very honored to have this set in my child’s library.

The Man Behind The Magic

Calvin Reynolds is the award winning author, illustrator, and creator of “Jayce the bee” children’s books. At a very early age, Calvin developed a love for the Arts. It wasn’t until his high school years that hemade a commitment to pursue his love of art and storytelling by attending the prestigious Ringling College of Art and Design. After receiving his BFA in Illustration, Calvin has provided professional Illustrations and graphic designs for Fortune 500 companies for over two decades. His desire to encourage children has led him to create stories that capture their imagination and foster a love of reading and art.


I would like to take a moment and thank Calvin for gifting my son this amazing series in exchange for our honest review. You can click on the books below to get yours!

I hope you all enjoyed reading today’s post as much as I enjoyed writing it. It’s hard to believe we are already mid February! Time seems to be flying. Have a wonderful day my friends!

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