Barry Blue

Barry Blue

By Dr. Ky

Illustrated By Nivya Kuriakose

Picture Book

32 Pages

Ages Baby & Up

BookBaby Publishing

“Barry Blue” is just like any other bear― except he is BLUE! Barry Blue is made fun for being blue and different from the other bears. One day he decides to run away deep in the forest. In Barry Blue’s extraordinary journey, he saves two other outcasts, Gunner Green and Pinky Pierce. Together they find friendship and acceptance and prove color means nothing. Barry Blue’s heroism creates unity between all the animals in the forest.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

An adorable story with a phenomenal message. Barry Blue is treated horribly by the other bears because he is blue when they are all brown. One day he walks away because he can’t handle their jokes anymore. While he’s walking he hears someone in trouble. There was a downed tree with bees flying all around it. Barry wasn’t afraid of bees so he shooed them away and pushed the tree – just because he was blue didn’t mean he wasn’t as strong as the other bears. Underneath the tree was a green fox named Gunner Green. Barry & Gunner hear another cry and went to help. There was a bird stuck in a tree, so Barry climbed up to help the bird – who ended up being very pink! Pinky Pierce introduced herself to Barry & Gunner. They all became quick friends. They had no clue that all the brown bears, orange foxes and yellow birds were watching! After that everyone apologized to Barry for being mean – finally realizing that there was nothing wrong with him just because he was a different color!

Just because we are different doesn’t make us any less special than anyone else. With the standards society has set I think this is so important for kids to hear. The story paired with the stunning illustrations are truly a work of art. I hope that there are more Adventures with Barry Blue!

Meet The Author

Dr. Kyan Zhra-Sahba Alnajafi aka “Dr. Ky,” is currently a physical therapist in Los Angeles specializing in pediatric PT. She grew up listening to countless bedtime stories made up from her father. She always knew her father’s stories were too great to not share with the world, so she began jotting them down and transformed it into a rhyming picture book. Unfortunately, she lost her dad before this bedtime story was published due to brain cancer. Dr. Ky decided she would publish this book and donate her proceeds to organizations, businesses, and research centers involving cancer in dedication to her dad and everyone out there fighting cancer. The Barry Blue Foundation was then created to help find and sponsor cancer organizations, families, and individuals in need, just as her dad would have wanted. To date, they have donated over $5000 and hoping to double this in the upcoming year. Dr. Ky and her husband now await reading this story from grandpa to their expecting baby this July.

Barry Blue Foundation

What an amazing cause to help! Huge thank you to Dr. Ky for sending me a copy in exchange for our honest review. To get your copy visit the link above or click on the book below.

To all my readers, thank you for your continued support. I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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