A Very Special Christmas Tree

A Very Special Christmas Tree

by Debra Buchanan, Illustrated by Nataly Simmons

Deep in the forest where the fairies dwell, a little pine tree grows among her lush and lofty neighbors. Her branches droop, her needles are sparse, and every other tree towers above her. Her greatest wish is to grow taller and stronger so she will be chosen to stand in a special place for the Christmas season.

After every other tree finds a glorious home for the holiday, the little tree is disappointed to find where she has been taken.

But with the help of a kind man and a wise angel, the little tree discovers the true spirit of Christmas and that her greatest wish has actually come true.

Wow, Just Wow!!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I was going to add this into my Christmas Must Haves, but decided it’s so special it needed it’s own day! This book had me in tears, in such a good way. It encompasses everything that Christmas is meant to be. While we celebrate Jesus’ birth, Christmas should be about showing empathy, helping others in their times of need – doing so humbly. This book will be one that we read in our home every year, I want my son to grow up with values like this. Bravo to Debra & Nataly for making our Christmas just that much more special!!

The People Behind The Magic

Debra Buchanan, an award-winning dance educator and director, wrote the story of A Very Special Christmas Tree expressly to be performed as a ballet during the Christmas season. The story has been brought to life on stage in Southern California, and is now available in print to share with children everywhere. Mrs. Buchanan’s love for children and education inspires her to continue writing books for little ones that reinforce love, sharing, and kindness.

As a small child Nataly Simmons loved exploring new worlds through books and beautiful pictures. After graduating with a master’s degree in art she rediscovered her passion in illustrating children’s books. She now takes joy in creating art and hopes to inspire future generations.

Huge thank you to Debra for gifting us this book and making our Christmas super special. You can get your copy by clicking on the book below!

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One thought on “A Very Special Christmas Tree

  1. Thank you for the kind words. I had a tear when I read it. I am Debi’s husband, David Buchanan. Have to be honest, I tear up every time I see it performed in a ballet.

    The original show that Debi choreographed would sell out every show in a 1,200 seat theatre.


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