Oscar Owl Gives A Hoot About Color

Oscar Owl Gives A Hoot About Color

by Camille A. Frazer, Illustrated by Kalin_zee

Oscar Owl Gives a Hoot about Color teaches children about accepting others regardless of the color of their skin. The book’s message is that each person is unique, and that we create a better world when we come together in love and work to achieve respect and equality for all. Oscar Owl hopes its readers will be encouraged to practice: Love, Equality for all persons. Kindness and Togetherness.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you don’t own this book, you need to!! Racial equality is such an important thing to teach your children. This book nails that topic on the head. The story itself is told in witty rhymes that your child will enjoy, pair that with the gorgeous illustrations and you have a winner. I love children’s books with valuable life lessons – you can’t get no better than this. Great work!

About The Author

Camille Frazer has been an advocate for children for over ten years. Ms. Frazer is as passionate about writing as she is about safe guarding the best interest of children. Thus far, she has published a collection of poems (The Unveiling), and a children’s book (Oscar Owl Gives a Hoot about Color).

Camille A. Frazer is a Child Advocate Attorney. She was born in Jamaica and currently resides in Florida, where she has ardently advocated for the well-being of children since 2005.

Huge thank you to Camille for gifting us this book! To get your copy click on the link below!

To everyone who stopped in today I hope you are all staying safe and enjoying your Christmas month as much as I am! Have a wonderful day!


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