Mick’s Moo

Mick’s Moo

by Angela DeRonde, Illustrated by Alexey Chystikov

Mick knows he is not like the other cows. Desperate for some excitement and friendship he tries all sorts of things to socialize and fit in, from organizing grass eating competitions to telling cow jokes, only to find himself still lonely. But when chaos breaks out on the farm, could the very thing that sets Mick apart from the others make him a hero?

Children will laugh at the playful storyline while also learning the important lesson that our uniqueness can be our superpower!

We Give It…

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What a wonderful story! Sometimes in life we try so hard to fit in, but we have to learn to be ourselves. Once you are happy with who you are others will gravitate towards you. This book explains this in a way that will have your children laughing out loud. Mick the cow is very different and cannot Moo even though he tries so hard, it always comes out as a different animal noise. Well one day he saves the day with his special “Moo” and after that he feels like he finally belongs. Super cute story with gorgeous illustrations!

About the Author

Angela DeRonde writes stories. She has black hair and eyes the color of dirt. Her hobbies include reading, sitting on the beach and eating lots of chocolate.

Instagram – @micksmoo

Huge thank you to Angela for gifting this amazing book to our family! To get your copy click on the book below!

To all my readers, I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your December so far! Here in New York we have kicked off December with a decent amount of snow on the ground. I’m loving it! Have a wonderful day and stay warm out there!!


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