Two Wolves

Two Wolves

by Tom Hunter, illustrated by Ella Hunter-Dupuy

The greatest moment in human history is Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. Along the way, He sought out two sinners, who joined Him on Calvary that day, and showed them the path to salvation. Faith in Him is the only way to eternal life, and He seeks us still.

Tom Hunter provides an educational story about Christ’s crucifixion through the use of animals and poetry in this beautifully written story.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As you all know by now, I’m a Christian. I love any books that teach my son about God – this book being no exception. A wonderful adaption of Good Friday. It shows Christ’s unconditional love and forgiveness of all of us, even horrible sinners. This book, written in poem form uses animals to depict the characters in the story leading up to Jesus’ sentence and impending death. The illustrations, done by Toms 14 year old niece are done in such a way that they portray the raw emotion of that day. With the celebration of Jesus’ birthday coming up, this book would make an amazing gift for any home.

Tom Hunter & His Inspiration

Tom Hunter has lived his entire life in the South. He was reared in the church, where he was taught, supported, disciplined, and loved by too many wonderful people to mention. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Georgia Tech, his law degree from the University of Georgia and he has practiced law for more than four decades in Savannah, GA. He and his wife, Carole, have two sons and three grandchildren.

In 2018, Tom and Carole toured The Holy Land, with a group guided by their pastor and his wife. Tom’s pastor recommended that everyone keep a journal, so Tom kept a journal of sorts, writing his impressions and feelings as poetic entries. Each day, as the group traveled about, Tom found quiet places to reflect upon, and to write about, what he had seen, heard, and felt. The poem that is this book, Two Wolves, stood out from the rest of Tom’s writings, as it was the only one written in an anthropomorphic style. For as Tom walked in the place once dominated by the Antonia Fortress, the structure often cited as the place where Jesus was sentenced by Pontius Pilate, Tom inexplicably felt the presence of animals around him. The poem was written substantially as it is printed here, with only a few minor edits to make it more age appropriate for young children.

When he returned from the trip, Tom shared this poem with others, and it occurred to him that the poem might be a useful and non-threatening introduction to the crucifixion message for children. He approached several artists to illustrate the story as a children’s book, without success. Finally, Tom learned that his fourteen-year-old great niece, Ella Hunter-Dupuy, was not only a talented young artist, but that she was eager to collaborate with him. What a rewarding experience it was, and this book is the result. We hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.

I want to thank Tom for this wonderful gift – provided in exchange for our honest review. You can get you copy by clicking on the book below!

Thank you to everyone that is reading this right now. I pray you all have a blessed day!


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