Moments With Jesus Encounter Bible

Moments With Jesus Encounter Bible By Bill Johnson & Eugene Luning Illustrated by Kristen & Kevin Howdeshell Illustrated Chapter Book 208 Pages Ages 4-13 ‎ Destiny Image Hardcover ~ Kindle Let Jesus capture your child’s imagination! If you are looking for a resource to help introduce your child to Jesus, look no further. The Moments … Continue reading Moments With Jesus Encounter Bible

God’s Very Colorful Creation

God's Very Colorful Creation By Tim Thornborough Illustrated by Jennifer Davison Picture Book 24 Pages Ages 2-6 ‎ The Good Book Company Hardcover Brings to life the Bible story of creation for young children. In this faithful and fun account of Genesis 1, children 2-4 years old will discover how God made his very good … Continue reading God’s Very Colorful Creation

Birds, Beasts, Critters & Creatures: The Story Of Noah’s Ark

Birds, Beasts, Critters & Creatures: The Story Of Noah's Ark By Jimmy Lynn Illustrated by Ana Nguyen 44 Pages Ages 0-99 Picture Book Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream Hardcover - Paperback Take a deep look inside the "Belly of the Beast," and uncover how the animals lived inside Noah's remarkable ark. Children and parents alike … Continue reading Birds, Beasts, Critters & Creatures: The Story Of Noah’s Ark

Little Library – Bible Stories

Little Library - Bible Stories This Little Grasshopper collection includes 12 board books with art based on traditional Bible stories. The simple stories will delight toddlers. Whimsical illustrations bring the stories to life. The sturdy board books are great for little fingers! The books included are: DavidNoahJosephDanielJonahMosesBible HeroesThank You, GodMy Father's WorldJesus Loves MePraise The … Continue reading Little Library – Bible Stories

The Parable Of Mama Giraffe

The Parable Of Mama Giraffe by Bachar Karroum “Does God really exist?”“How can I believe in what I cannot see?” The notion of God can be difficult for young children to comprehend. This kid's book offers parents a creative way to introduce the existence of God in a simple, fun and smart way. This beautifully … Continue reading The Parable Of Mama Giraffe

Night Night Bible Stories

Night Night Bible Stories by Amy Parker Night Night Bible Stories includes 30 stories from the Old and New Testaments told in narration. Each Bible story features rhyming takeaways to remind little ones of God’s love and care along with a sweet bedtime prayer. Stories include: When the World Was MadeThe World’s Bravest QueenAn Angel … Continue reading Night Night Bible Stories