The Penguin That Can Code

The Penguin That Can Code

by Elsa Joseph

‘The Penguin That Can Code – The First Coding Adventure’ is the story about a little penguin and his Dad. They live in Iceville, a beautiful polar village somewhere in the Antarctic. While all the other penguins in Iceville catch fish, Daddy Penguin codes, and this fact is not approved much by the fellow penguins. The other penguins in his place don’t have much idea about coding. And then suddenly, the penguins of Iceville are having a hard time, since they are not able to find enough fish. As the story proceeds, the little penguin accidentally finds a place that has lots of fish and with the help of Daddy Penguin and some coding they are able to bring enough fish to Iceville which makes Daddy Penguin a hero. There is even a fun snippet of code included in the story for little ones.

Our Thoughts

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What a great story to start our snowy season off! I absolutely loved the overall message of this book. You can be different and still make a huge difference. The penguins in Iceville looked down upon Daddy penguin because instead of fishing he coded, but when they ran out of fish – coding saved the day! Never give up on what you love to do, even if it’s different from what everyone around you is doing. With so many “standards” that are set for children nowadays it’s so important to let them know that they can do anything they set their little minds to.

Elsa Joseph lives in California with her husband and two kids. She has dedicated her Instagram page to children’s books, not just the 3 that she has written. Make sure you give her a follow on Instagram. I want to thank Elsa for sending us 2 of her amazing books – we will be featuring the other one in the future. To get your copy click the book below!

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