Boomer’s Tales 2: A Hard Nut To Crack

Boomer’s Tales 2: A Hard Nut To Crack

By Christine Isley-Farmer

Illustrated by Taylor Bills

Early Reader Chapter Book

112 Pages

Ages 7-12

‎Wandering in the Words Press

Paperback ~ Kindle

An upset Robbie shows up on the doorstep of the home of his friends, Chloe, Boomer, and Nana Weathers. His dog, Hoppy, disappeared from his backyard. When Hoppy hasn’t returned by the next day, family and friends spring into action. Boomer makes friends with two squirrels in a squirrel network who offer to help with the search. Will the piling-up clues lead to a reunion for Hoppy and Robbie?

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is the second book in the Boomer’s Tales Series but can be read by itself (though I highly suggest reading the first one!). In this book, Boomer, is trying to solve a mystery. His best dog-friend, Hoppy, has been dognapped. Can Boomer figure it out and find his friend?

This book is great for early readers, short chapters that will keep their attention. It’s got a magical aspect that every childs imagination will enjoy. The story has underlying messages that are important for all kids to learn. This one talks about stealing, friendship and even touches on divorce and emotions kids can go through while their parents might be in the process of one. I love how close knit the friendships in the book are. Not just with friends but store owners and veterinarians. A wonderful book with stunning illustrations sprinkled throughout. Check out Boomers Tales!!

About The Author

Christine Isley-Farmer’s first book in her series, “Boomer’s Tales,” features a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as the story’s narrator. Christine loves this dog breed and has owned three Cavaliers. She encountered her first Cavalier, Fleur, while performing with the Harrisburg Opera. She was captivated by the big brown eyes and gentle, lively nature of the breed. Her present Cavalier, Dylan, likes to walk with her, chew on his favorite treat-stuffed Kong toy, and snuggle next to her in a recliner. Christine, a classically trained singer who has sung professionally in the United States and Europe, has also been a voice teacher. The stories in opera and song have fascinated and inspired her. The power of stories and music’s healing qualities have woven their way through her life and have found voice in Finding My Yip.

Huge thanks to Christine for my gifted copy of this wonderful book! To get your hands on a copy click on the link below!

Buy The Book

Have a wonderful day my friends!


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