WompleBox Brazil

In January I had the honor of sharing an amazing educational tool – The WompleBox by Womple Studios! In that box, which explored Mongolia, there was a postcard for Brazil (a teaser for the next box). You can read about the first box HERE.

The WompleBox is a monthly subscription box for kids. Each month they are sent on an adventure to a new county with Womple – their traveling ‘penpal.’ Each box includes an early reader chapter book, large fold out map & country guide with fun geography activities, two hands on STEAM projects & more!

So today I’m thrilled to be sharing another WompleBox – this one explores Brazil. The following is what we have in Brazil’s box:

  • Journey In The Jungle – Brazil Book
  • Green Anaconda Project
  • Poison Dart Frog Project
  • Stickers
  • Piranha Keychain
  • Brazil Map
  • Postcard – India (next months stop)

I want to share the book with you first. This Brazil book is called Journey In The Jungle. Inside the book Womple takes an incredible journey into all sorts of places in Brazil. You start off in Favela visiting the statue of Christ The Redeemer to down the mountain to the city of Rio de Janeiro. From there you travel into the rain forest where you learn about all sorts of wildlife, such as Amazon Pink River Dolphins, Piranhas, Arapaima, Green Anaconda, Poison Dart Frog, Sloths, Macaws and Jaguars. You learn so much about Brazil – it’s as if you’re really there.

The first STEAM project I want to share is the Green Anaconda. Included in this project are 8 heavy duty cardboard cutouts (colored like the anaconda) and fasteners to put it together. As with each WompleBox project there is a booklet. Besides detailed directions you will find facts about the Green Anaconda with a picture of the real life Green Anaconda. It also has a section to show you how to make a parrot (Anacondas eat them) out of everyday household items. Such a fun project.

This next project was super fun! You get to make a Poison Dart Frog. For this project you get another heavy duty white cardboard cutout of a frog (larger than an adult hand), crayons, string, plastic tubes, wooden beads and sticker. Inside the booklet when you open it up there are detailed directions as well as a chart showing 6 different variations of colors of the Poison Dart Frogs. And again there is another “household items” arts & crafts item to accompany your frog.

One of the coolest parts of each box is the map. Each map unfolds to a huge colorful picture of the country you are visiting. Each map has points of interest marked with beautiful illustrations. On the reverse side you will find different sections: Food, Nature & Culture. In the food section you will find a recipe native to Brazil – it also gives you alternatives that you can find in your local market. Nature gives you more real life pictures of the landscape, animals along with fun facts. In the culture section you find out more about Brazil’s people and it’s Carnival! Below that you find a world map highlighting where Brazil is along with statistics. So informative – as an adult I learned a lot!

Next we have the Brazil stickers. Each sticker depicts something from the book itself. Then we have my absolute favorite item in each box – the collectible keychain. This month is a Piranha! The keychains are so adorable!!

The very last item you’ll find in each box is a postcard. The postcard let’s you know what country will be explored in the next WompleBox.

As you can see, each box is packed with fun! I love that our family can travel around the world together from the comfort of our home. It’s so exciting to be able to learn about a different country and explore – especially right now during this pandemic when you’re not able to travel.

To start getting your boxes click on Womple Studios below!


You can also follow them on social media.


Huge thank you to the wonderful team at Womple Studios who have gifted our family with this box so that we could share it with you! To all my readers, thank you for your continued support – I appreciate it more than you know. I hope you are all enjoying March so far! Have a wonderful day!


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