Jane The Astronaut

Jane The Astronaut

The Mystery of the Alien Dragons

By Dianne Bateman

Middle Grade Graphic Novel

50 Pages

Ages 8-12

The Cat’s Secret Publisher

After winning a screener contest where first prize is a trip to an International Space Station, Jane the Astronaut discovers alien dragons hiding abroad. Summoning all her courage, Jane investigates, and befriends seven little dragons. Can she keep them safe and make sure no one else knows they exist?


My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A cute graphic novel about a very smart girl. Jane wins a contest and is sent to a space station. While there she stumbles across a secret door. She finds the most adorable little dragons. She befriends them and wants to keep them safe – but eventually Jane had to go home. This is one of those books that leaves you wishing you had the next one in the series. You just got to find out what happens next. It’s a great opening into what I’m sure will be an outstanding series.

About The Author

Dianne Bateman wrote her first book at 16 but was too shy to share with others. With the birth of her child and grandchild, she devoted much time to reading and passed along that love for children’s adventure stories. After retiring from a successful business career, Dianne began to share her adventures of Rowdy and Princess – her beloved cats which created a large following. Her fans encouraged her to write a children’s book and the idea for Jane the Astronaut was born! Dianne can be found in Florida zooming down the highway in her 1978 little red corvette (always with the music cranking).


Huge thank you to Dianne for gifting us the first book in this amazing series in exchange for our honest review! To get your copy click on the book below!

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