Jane The Clumsy Giraffe

Jane The Clumsy Giraffe

by Karen Mowrer

Picture Book

25 Pages

Ages 4-8

Independently Published


“Jane was different. She was not a normal giraffe. Jane was clumsy, so the other giraffes would laugh”…until one day, something happens that changes Jane’s life – and the world – forever! With rhyming verse, colorful illustrations, and an important message about self-worth, this humorous book will delight children and parents alike.

Our Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A wonderful story about differences. This book focuses on how are differences can sometimes make us seem like outcasts – when in reality it’s what makes us special. I really loved how the giraffe ends up with it’s long neck that we all know!! A truly wonderful message to be shared with all. We loved the rhyming fashion the story was told in, truly great!

About The Author

Karen Mowrer is the creator of Jane The Clumsy Giraffe. She is a former molecular biologist and science policy professional who was inspired to begin publishing children’s books after rediscovering a series of stories she wrote in her high school Spanish class. She has lived all over the country but currently lives with her family in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she enjoys running, hiking, painting, and reading to her son.

Connect With Karen


Huge thank you to Karen for gifting us a copy of Jane The Clumsy Giraffe in exchange for our honest review. To get your copy click on the book below!

Thank you to all my readers, have a wonderful day!

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