Sammie The Salmon

Sammie The Salmon

by Debra Kline, Illustrated by Lynda Farrington Wilson

Sammie the Salmon is an adorable story about a salmon that was born very early and goes through all the same experiences as babies born prematurely. It’s a tale of love and letting go of fears associated with having a premature child.Sammie begins his life as a tiny little fish, but quickly grows into the “biggest salmon anyone had ever seen”! This is a story of hope meant to inspire other families with miracle babies. It is written by a mom of a baby born at 26 weeks, weighing 1 lb. 13 oz. Sam stayed in the NICU for three months.

We Give It…

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What a beautiful story! This book can definitely help children understand more about premie babies. Being a parent is hard already with a healthy child. I cannot imagine what Debra and her family went through. However, she turned those worrisome days into a beautiful book to share with the world. I would have been afraid to let go and give “Sammie” a little more freedom, but sometimes that’s just what children need. This book shows a parents unconditional love and the worries that come along with parenthood. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous.

Meet Debra & Sam

Debra is a mommy to Sam, her miracle child, who spent three months in the NICU. She’s also the proud mommy to Emily, her precious daughter who was adopted from South Korea.

Debra has always been an advocate for children first and foremost, along with being a special education teacher for the past seventeen years.

She understands that all children are special and unique!

Huge thank you to Debra for sharing this book with us in exchange for our honest review, and for sharing her story in a wonderful book. If you would like a copy click on the book below!

Can you believe that Christmas is just seven days away?!?! I hope you are all staying safe and warm, and enjoying this Holiday season as much as we are. Have a wonderful day, see you tomorrow!

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