Dinosaur Derby

Dinosaur Derby

by Derek Taylor Kent, Illustrated by Bright Jungle Studios

Do you love dinosaurs? Do you love cars, trucks, planes, trains, go-karts, scooters, tractors and jetpacks? Then hop in your vehicles, shine your scales, sharpen your teeth, and watch your tails… because Dinosaur Derby is the wildest ride in Pre-History! A wacky, edge-of-your-seat race that also teaches fun facts about dozens of dinos.

Our Review

Phenomenal! This book was so much fun to read! With witty rhymes and stunning illustrations you go on a race with the dino’s! I’m not sure how Derek did it, but coming up with rhyming words to match scientific dinosaur names is beyond me and totally amazing. This talented author teaches children about different dinosaurs and their attributes in such a fun way. My son was completely enthralled, which is no way feat for a 2 year old, so Bravo!!

Meet Derek

Derek Taylor Kent is an author, screenwriter, performer and director based in Los Angeles. Best known for his children’s books, his best-selling, award-winning titles are treasured in hundreds of thousands of homes across the world. He and his wife, author Sheri Fink (pictured to the left), are the founders of Whimsical World, an empowering children’s brand that publishes books and produces whimsical merchandise, inspiring entertainment, and magical experiences for children of all ages.

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Huge thank you to Derek for gifting us this awesome book in exchange for our honest review. You can get one for yourself by clicking on the website below!! Be sure to use discount code BOOKWORM to get 20% Off your order plus free shipping!!

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To everyone reading this, thank you for stopping by today! You guys Rock!! I hope you are all having a wonderful time leading up to Christmas!! It’s just right around the corner, can you believe it?? Have a wonderful day!!

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