Herbert Loves Sherbert

Herbert Loves Sherbert

By Joanie Leopold

Herbert Clark’s favorite food is sherbet, in all its glorious, Technicolor flavors. When his grandmother comes to babysit for a week, Herb is pretty sure he can trick her into feeding him sherbet for every meal. Is Grandma on to Herbert’s game? Will Herbert learn that having your wishes come true isn’t always what you had hoped? Follow Herbert’s sherbet odyssey in rhyme on every brightly illustrated page.

We Give It…

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book is phenomenal! Witty, whimsical rhymes pared with gorgeous illustrations by Jim Steck. Vivid colors throughout the book will keep any child’s attention. A tale we all know too well. A child trying to get one over on an adult. A young boy who wants to eat nothing but sherbert, alone with an unsuspecting grandma, or is he? We loved every moment of this book, which can be accompanied by the most adorable plush doll of Herbert. Having Herbert in my little boys hand as we read the book helped him connect even better to the character. This book has definitely made me a huge fan! Bravo Joanie! Will Herbert get over on Grandma? Get your copy below to find out!

Let’s Meet Joanie Leopold!

Joanie Leopold, Slow Tag Press’ owner and driving force, comes to writing and publishing by many traditional, and some less typical, avenues. With two degrees in English literature, she has been composing children’s stories for decades. Before she launched Slow Tag Press in 2017, she ran her own marketing service for industrial clients throughout the U.S. She has served as a Ranger at Mount Rainier National Park and worked with children and families at various YMCA’s from the Midwest to New England. A native of New Hampshire, Joanie and her husband are avid travelers, scoping out new spots for adventuring with their four grandchildren (and those grandchildren’s parents, too). For more on Joanie’s business and personal goals and her sometimes whimsical view of the world, catch up with her blogs on this website.

Huge thank you to Slow Tag Press for gifting us this book with Herbert so that we could share our review with you. This isn’t the last book you’ll be seeing from Joanie so keep an eye out. Just click on that book below to get your hands on one!

When you click on the book you’ll be taken to SlowTag Press’ Etsy page where you can get either the book alone or with the plush.

To my readers, you rock! I couldn’t do this without you. You give me the strength and motivation to keep on going. Stay safe and out there, my prayers and thoughts with you all.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


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