Max The Magnet’s Magnificent Journey

Max The Magnet’s Magnificent Journey

By Daniel Olcsvary

Max the Magnet is a young boy who attracts nothing but negative energy!  He is constantly full of anger, and bad things keep happening to him!  Max has a meeting with his school counselor who teaches him the tools to attract positive energy into his life!  What happens next is an incredible journey, as Max the Magnet makes a shift from negative to positive!

Our Thoughts

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is an amazing book.  I’m a very optimistic person so I really do believe that the energy you give off is what determines how your day will be.  This book shows children alternatives to lashing out and remaining angry all day.  The use of the magnet with positive and negative energy was genius. In the back of the book there are also little extras that teach meditation, the benefits of starting your day with writing down 3 things that make you happy.  He also guess into how role playing can help get rid of angry, resentful feelings and promote happiness.  Illustrations done by Connie Cabrina bring Max to life!  Overall, great book!

Meet Daniel Olcsvary

Daniel Olcsvary has been an early childhood educator for eighteen years, making a positive impact in his classroom on hundreds of students throughout that time. He has also spent the last twelve years in the behavioral field, providing in-home services, and developing coping strategies for children with different behavioral challenges. He is an avid reader and interested in subjects like mindfulness, Taoism, and positive psychology. His personal mantra is “always a student,” and he spends his free time watching old school kung fu flicks, listening to golden era hip hop, making his world-famous guacamole, and learning new things from his beautiful daughter Amilya. This is his first book.

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