Dinosaurs By Brooke Vitale Illustrated by Lucy Barnard Board Book 24 Pages Ages 3+ ‎ Little Genius Books Board Book Spiky tail and plated back, Stegosaurus is no one’s snack. Moving slowly on its feet, this herbivore likes plants to eat. A child’s fascination with dinosaurs is unparalleled, and who doesn’t know a small kid … Continue reading Dinosaurs


The Beginners Bible: First 100 Words

The Beginners Bible: First 100 Words Board Book 22 Pages Ages Baby-4 Zonderkidz Board Book ~ Kindle The Beginner's Bible® has been a favorite with young children and their parents since its release in 1989 with over 25 million products sold. The Beginner's Bible First 100 Bible Words is the perfect way to introduce little … Continue reading The Beginners Bible: First 100 Words

Elliot The Heart-Shaped Frog

Elliot The Heart-Shaped Frog By Matt Forrest Esenwine Illustrated by Anna Kubaszewska Padded Board Book 20 Pages Ages 2-5 ‎ Rainstorm Publishing Board Book When Elliot decides it's time to leave the pond, he has to find a new home! Children will love to follow along on a Goldilocks-like journey as Elliot searches for the … Continue reading Elliot The Heart-Shaped Frog

Go Go Apple: My First Recycling Book

G♻️ Go Apple: My First Recycling Book By Claire Philip Illustrated by Steven Wood Board Book 10 Pages Ages 2-6 ‎Sunbird Books Board Book This book is special because: Includes interactive spin wheel mechanism between the cover and first page and an interactive slider on last page to help hold little one’s attention.Teaches children recycling … Continue reading Go Go Apple: My First Recycling Book

Active Minds Graphic Novel: Alphabet

Active Minds Graphic Novel: Alphabet By Cassie Gitkin Illustrated by Michael S. Miller Padded Board Book 16 Pages Ages 2-6 Sequoia Children's Publishing Board Book Even before little ones learn to read, they can learn to love books with Active Minds Graphic Novels. The graphic novel style teaches narrative structure, while animal pals and busy … Continue reading Active Minds Graphic Novel: Alphabet