Racing Rory & The Alphabet Adventure

Racing Rory & The Alphabet Adventure

By Avneet & Sabrina Uppal

Sticker Story Book

27 Pages

Ages 3-9

Uppal Kids

Board Book

Racing Rory is a friendly cheetah who was exploring the world. He ran too fast and blew everything out of place. We need your help to go through the alphabet and put everything back. Reusable stickers included in this interactive, educational activity book/toy to join in the fun over and over again!

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Who doesn’t like stickers? How about stickers you can reuse over and over again while creating different stories? I know my son loves this book because of that, he’s in charge. Such an innovative idea, there are no limitations besides your child’s imagination. On each page is a letter Rory tells you to what is missing and asks you to put the reciprocating stickers on that page. For my son who knows his alphabet this reinforces his knowledge of what items (stickers) start with each letter. Each page contains a new scene with its own letter. Inside the front cover is a little flap to store the 6 sticker sheets with over 100 stickers. These stickers are not only reusable but you can wash them too! Perfect board book that every child will adore!!

About The Authors

We are two sisters-in-law who were quarantined together with our energetic nephew/son. Our dilemma: how do we keep him entertained with something fun, educational and easy to clean up? Well…that’s how the idea of Racing Rory & the Alphabet Adventure was born: an educational alphabet story with over 100 reusable stickers to keep kids entertained. A convenient pouch was placed in the book for the sticker pages and the sticker pages were bound together to minimize clutter and prevent misplacement of the stickers.

Sabrina Uppal is a former speech assistant who used her knowledge, expertise and experience with children in curating a book that is interactive to keep their attention and improve their vocabulary. Avneet Uppal is a Pharmacist/big kid at heart/fun aunt that helped come up with design components to ensure her nephew Dylan Uppal was satisfied and most importantly occupied with the end result.


Huge Thanks to Avneet & Sabrina for gifting me this book in exchange for my honest review. To get a copy for your household just click the link below!

Buy The Book

Thank you all for coming by today, hope to see you all again very soon. Have a fantastic day!

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