An Incarnation of Shadow and Light – Interview With The Author

An Incarnation of Shadow and Light

By Samantha Christianson

New Adult LGBTQ+ Fantasy

485 Pages

November 8th, 2022

In the nation of Verchiél only a rare handful of people known as Incarnate can use magic. Equally feared and respected, they are afforded every luxury and revered as saints or would be gods. But after the suspicious deaths of Verchiél’s rulers, a power struggle is set into motion between four Incarnate, each vying for a vacant seat of power for their own desires.

Gabriel, a self-proclaimed man of luxury who takes darker paths to secure his crumbling place in high society.

Zoe, the daughter of a disgraced merchant. Determined to redeem her family’s legacy at increasing costs.

Niklas, an exiled prince. Trying to escape the ghosts of his past and create a new future for himself.

Silje, an assassin who will stop at nothing until every broken promise in her life has finally been fulfilled.

Infighting and betrayal runs rampant as each becomes worse than their problems in order to solve them.

About The Author

S.A. Christianson is a resident of British Columbia, Canada and when she’s not writing about her many fictional characters, she works full time as a game developer. An Incarnation of Shadow and Light is her debut novel.

Interview With Samantha

1. As a debut author, what have you learned this time around that you’ll definitely implement for your next book?

Plotting, plotting, plotting! I initially started writing by pantsing everything and I paid for it in literal months, if not years, of having to reorganize this story into a coherent order that wasn’t a thousand page long dumpster fire.

2. What was the hardest part about writing this story?

Cutting down on the word count. I always overwrite and need to downsize, and as much as I love including little details for literally every single character. It’s not exactly important to the plot, and especially to the reader, which character got a tattoo while drunk or which loves baking sweets in their freetime.

3. Who was your favorite character to create?

Probably Gabriel. He’s just a wretched little man and his flexible morality, or lack thereof, gave me a lot of room to write him exploring paths or creating situations that other characters would never even consider.

4. Do you have a favorite author? Favorite series or book?

I think Tasmysn Muir has become one of my favourites. Her ability to write such heartwrenching narratives while also being objectively the funniest person alive is just pure talent.

5. What’s your ideal writing space?

Probably not ideal for most, or even necessarily for myself, but I love writing on my phone when I’m in bed at night. It’s very comfy when I’m tired from work and can’t bring myself to sit at a desk.

6. What new or upcoming release are you most excited about?

Alecto the Ninth and Threads of Power, not sure how soon either of those will be released, but I’m a pretty patient person. I’ll just reread Gideon the Ninth and bide my time.

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