Dino Dogz

Dino Dogz

By Mystery Mike McHale

Illustrated by Mike Goldstein

Picture Book

43 Pages

Ages 5+

Paperback ~ Kindle

The DinoDogz (half Dogz/half Dinosaurs) are on a Mission to rescue five StegoPup eggs that have been stolen by the evil Dr. D. Stroy (their creator) before the doctor uses them to create an army of DinoDogz to take over the world!!!!

Along the way, the Dogz must face off against enemies controlled by the doctor to collect their DinoDNA to transform into their true DinoDogz selves.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What a creative and fun story!! Kids of all ages will love this action packed story of friends. I loved the transformation of the dogs to dino Dogz! It has a comic book feel to it that will keep readers engaged. In the back of the book are also some fun extras like the transformations and what type of dog dinosaur mixed. There’s a page with sites to learn more about dinosaurs. My favorite page is the coloring one in the back – where you get to color some of the amazing Dino Dogz!

Super cute story and book, can’t wait to see what happens in the next book!

To learn more you can check out the Dino Dogz website below!


Huge thanks to Foreword Publicity and Mystery Mike for my gifted copy. To grab one for yourself click the link below!

Get The Book

Thanks for joining me, have a great day!


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