Meta > Game On: Ver 1.0_ Book Tour

I’m beyond thrilled to be taking part in the Meta > Game On Book Tour. Check out my review below!

Meta > Game On: Ver 1.0_

By Xander Black


445 Pages

‎Independently Published

Hardcover ~ Paperback ~ Kindle


2065: the streets are abandoned, shops are empty, parks are silent. But is that really much of a surprise when you can connect to the Cybernet?

Everyone can turn on, log in and drop out. Cyrus, a failed physicist, and drop-out game designer Everett are on the cusp of their big breakthrough into the meta ranks of Neverborn, the world’s most popular game. But when several high-profile avatars disappear, and their human counterparts are found dead, Cyrus and Everett find themselves under suspicion.

They must clear their names and unravel the deeper mysteries of Brith and the Neverborn. In doing so, they will uncover a dark secret that threatens not only the game-world but the safety of their physical realm.

Satire, science fiction, fantasy, and mystery combine in an epic adventure where no one ever leaves home…

My Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A look into what our future may very well look like. Xander does an amazing job storytelling. With a large group of diverse characters I loved watching how everything tied together. Each character brings something new to the table and their personalities couldn’t be any different. My favorite character would have to be Ava – she’s just a badass in every way. And an honorable mention to Sir_Pendulous_Wang and his signature tag! The plot was unique in a way I could truly see coming to fruition one day – it really gets you wondering. Virtual reality at it’s best, and worst. I would definitely play this game! I love the memos throughout the book from the owner of the company to VR employees – they added a new dimension. The pacing was steady without any slow moments. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

About The Author

Xander Black wasted a lifetime creating cheap disposable ideas to sell cheap disposable products. He’s now focused on creating cheap disposable stories. When not writing he’s reading, watching film & TV, hanging with Sarah, Hesper, and Hattie, and occasionally playing the odd video game. He has a few more stories brewing that may be disposed of soon.

Twitter ~ Instagram

Huge thanks to Author Marketing Experts, Bookgal and Xander Black for my gifted copy. To learn more or get a copy for yourself click one of the links below!

Goodreads ~ Amazon

Thank you all for coming by today, have a wonderful week!


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