Digger Does It All (Not Really!)

Digger Does It All (Not Really!)

By Brooke Vitale

Illustrated by Patrick Corrigan

Board Book

24 Pages

Ages 3+ ‎

Little Genius Books

Board Book

From bestselling author and editor Brooke Vitale and renowned illustrator Pat Corrigan (Toe Truck Joe), this the story of a boastful construction vehicle who thinks he can do it all.

“Here I am. Make way, make way!

Digger’s here to save the day!

“No job’s too big, no job’s too small,

for the best construction truck of all.”

Children of all ages will love the story of Digger, the construction vehicle who thinks he can lift like a crane, carry like a forklift, dump like a dump truck, and push like a bulldozer. But, when he tries to do everyone else’s jobs, he creates a crazy chaotic construction site!

The simple rhyming text tells a silly story, while gently introducing the concept of cooperation, as well as the message that the best way to show up in the world is as yourself!

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A wonderful book with a great message! Digger finds himself trying to take over all the other construction vehicles jobs. He thinks he can do their jobs better than them. He couldn’t be farther from the truth. However, all the vehicles tell Digger that he is the best at his job – digging!! The book showcases teamwork – everyone at the construction site has their own jobs for a reason. Each vehicle is different and capable of doing their own unique job.

The story is told in fun rhyming verses that make it an absolute joy to read! I can honestly say it’s the first book my son ever let me read all the way through without interrupting. We have since read the book once or twice a day. The illustrations are phenomenal and suit the story. Little Genius Books are extremely well made and built to last. Thick, sturdy pages with vibrant colors make them perfect for those little hands – even when those little hands can get a bit rough.

The Duo Behind The Magic

BROOKE VITALE is a children’s book author and editor. She has written dozens of books, including The Muppet Christmas Carol: The Illustrated Holiday Classic, The Magic Is in You, Disney Who’s Who, Olaf’s Journey, and Happy Birthday, Mickey. Brooke spent more than fifteen years as an editor at prominent publishing companies, including Penguin Books for Young Readers and Disney Publishing. She now does freelance editing and writing to allow time to spend with her husband and two young sons Greenwich, CT.

PATRICK CORRIGAN began drawing and designing arts and crafts from a young age. He studied ceramics at University, trained as an art teacher and eventually become an Art Director at a design studio. Whilst there he designed well over 500 educational and picture books. He uses Photoshop, Illustrator and sometimes even real art equipment to create his work. He lives in London with his wife, Dulcie, and their cat Forbes.

Huge thanks to the amazing team at Little Genius Books for my gifted copy. To grab this adorable book click the link below!

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If you’d like to learn more about Little Genius Books you can find them at the links below.

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I want to thank all of my readers for joining me today, I hope the rest of your day is amazing!


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