Listen Up, Buttercup!

Listen Up, Buttercup!

By Kiera Ezell

Illustrated by Tristan Tait

Picture Book

38 Pages

Ages 0-99

Mascot Books


Ebba the bear loves being out in the forest. She adores her silly friend, Daisy, who calls her Buttercup. The two enjoy many adventures together, but Ebba must be extra careful because Ranger Granger is out to capture her. This ranger is determined to have Ebba in his new zoo.

Come along on this adventure as Ebba works hard to show Ranger Granger that a gentle bear deserves to be out roaming the woods with the other animals because that is where she belongs.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I love the message this book brings! Ebba is a massive bear that must animals are afraid of – with the exception of her best friend Daisy. On top of that the ranger is always threatening Ebba that when he catches her, he will put her in a zoo. When the ranger falls into a hole, Daisy tries to talk Ebba into burying him in the hole and getting rid of him. Ebba has different plans though – she wants to rescue the ranger. She explains to Daisy that even though the ranger is mean to her, she doesn’t have to reciprocate. I found Ebba to be a wonderful role model in this story. Written and illustrated beautifully.

About The Author

Kiera Ezell has written millions of short stories in her journals over the last decade, but Listen Up, Buttercup! is her very first published children’s book. Reading and writing has always taken Kiera to magical places. Kiera spends her days educating others―she is a literacy coach and enjoys encouraging others to develop a love for reading. Kiera is an Alabama native and a true country girl at heart.

Huge thanks to Foreword Publicity and Kiera for gifting me a copy in exchange for my honest review. To get your hands on a copy click the link below!

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