Back To School

Back To School

By Noé Carlain

Illustrated by Hervé Le Goff

Picture Book

32 Pages

Ages 4+

Kane Miller EDC Publishing


The animals are going back to school, and of course, everyone is very excited! It will be a great first day… won’t it?

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

With so many kids getting ready to start another year, this book hits the spot! Such a fun book with each page containing different animals – and what they might expect going back to school. One of my favorite pages was the bats (it has upside down writing). However, no matter what animal is your favorite I’m sure you will find the ones you relate to the most! The illustrations are just stunning. Make going back to school (or starting school) fun for your kids by getting them ready with an fantastic book like this!

I’ve had the honor of working with Kane Miller for a while now and I’m never disappointed. They have such a wide selection of extremely durable books. Make sure to connect with them below!


I did receive this book as a gift in exchange for my honest review, to get your hands on this book just click the link below!

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To all of my readers, thank you for stopping by – have a wonderful day!

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