Spin Master RC Megathon Party By Tryazon

I am thrilled to have been a part of the Spin Master RC Megathon Parties, hosted by Tryazon.

If you haven’t heard of Tryazon, they are a company that connects brands to consumers. The consumers are allowed to test and keep some really amazing products. To read more about Tryazon, or to sign up to be a tester click the link below!


You can also follow them on social media!


I’m sure most people, parents especially, know if Spinmaster. Spin Master is a leading global children’s entertainment company creating exceptional play experiences through a diverse portfolio of innovative toys, entertainment franchises and digital games. Some of the brands put out by Spinmaster that you may have heard of: Air Hogs, Monster Jam, Gund, Orbeez, Paw Patrol – just to name a few.

Chances are if you have kids, you own more than one Spinmaster toy. Check them out before!


Now that you know a bit more about Tryazon & Spinmaster, let me tell you about this party!

Spin Master RC Megathon Party

I had originally planned to have my party on the weekend, but unfortunately we got rained out! We moved our party to Thursday, and even though we lost a couple guests – it was still an epic party! We’ve been asked to host another party in two weeks for the guests that weren’t able to attend. So I will be posting pictures of that party in a couple weeks so stay tuned.

Our yard is a mix that is great for RC cars, we have a mixture of grass, gravel, pavement rocky hills and even the occasional mud puddle! Check out some pictures from the party below!

Next I want to share a little about each RC car, my thoughts about them and of course where you can purchase them.

Airhogs Gravitor

This Gravitor with trick stick is pretty cool. This toy is intended for indoor use only, you don’t want to chance it getting away from you outside. So you can use this as a single player or two player game. You use the trick stick to hold onto to get the Gravitor hovering. Once you get the hang of just keeping it above your hand then you can start to learn the cool tricks that it can accomplish.

We had a ton of fun with this one! It’s made of a soft styrofoam so no need to worry about it hurting anyone or crashing into walls and leaving damage. The kids had a lot better handle on directing it than us adults did (sadly so). We had it set up and 6 of us stood in a circle to try and get it all the way around. Eventually we did and had a ton of laughs along the way! This Gravitor is rechargable so no need for batteries. This is the perfect boredom buster for this rainy days.

Air Hogs Super Soft, Jump Fury

This little RC Car is full of surprises! It can run on it’s top and it’s bottom. So no need to worry if it flips over it’ll keep on going. There’s a button on the controller that one pushed the car starts to transform, when he might quits blinking you hit the button again and…. BAM – the car jumps straight up off the floor. I’m not talking about inches, I’m talking up to 2ft. It’s got the soft styrofoam tires so no damage to walls, or surprise ankle hitting accidents. When you do run straight into the wall and it will flip over and come right back to you. It also does great donuts!

This car is really amazing! It can go down a flight of stairs with ease and keep on trucking. My only complaint is that with the one I got after each jump you have to turn the car on and off to get it going again. (This may not be the case in each one). It comes with a USB charging cord and the remote takes a couple batteries. Pretty fast and lots of fun.

Monster Jam Grave Digger Freestyle Force

What exactly has been going on with the innovation side of new toys?? I’ll tell you, this Monster Jam Grave Digger pushes the limits of ingenuity. With a press of a button this RC car will stand on either it’s front or back end, and that same button will bring it back down. However, while you are up doing a nose dive you can drive and do donuts all without the truck losing it’s balance. There are a total of 12 amazing stunts you can pull off with this truck including jumps, nose dives and wheelies. This car has an attached USB in the undercarriage that securely locks when you’re not charging it. The tires on this truck are your classic rubber tires that grip really well.

Children and adults alike were in total awe of what this truck could do. I grew up playing with RC cars and let me tell you – they were nothing like this! I knew the kids would love it, I had no idea how much fun I would have trying to master each stunt right along with them. This is a rechargeable RC truck and the remote takes regular batteries. The controller is simple enough that even younger children can get the hang of it. I was really shocked that this truck ran side by side with other RC trucks that all ran on the same frequency. When I was younger if two cars were on the same frequency the remotes would mess with the opposite cars – not in this case. This gives all the kids a chance to run their own car, race and have fun together.

Monster Jam Official Grave Digger vs Megalodon Racing Rivals Remote Control Monster Trucks

These two trucks are the mini versions of RC trucks that you can happily run inside your house. They come with 8 cardboard track pieces to give the driver a outline of the track with the start & finish line checkered stretch. These are great for racing with each other or even playing bumper cars. The remotes are a simple two button remote. Up, down & Left, right making them perfect for beginners. This set comes with 10 batteries, 3 for each car and 2 for each remote.

These bad boys are ready to go right out of the box! I know the suggested age is for 4 and up but my 3 year old caught on really quick thanks to the simplicity of the remotes. I think these are great beginner RC trucks. They give you the feel of a larger RC at a very affordable price. We had a ton of fun creating new track outlines and seeing who would win each race. The detail on the trucks is stunning. Plus I think that Grave Digger and the Megalodon are some of everyone’s favorite Monster Truck personas. Extremely fun and engaging.

Monster Jam El Toro Loco RC Monster Truck

A huge scale (1:10) monster RC car that is replicated is every way. With movable horns you can make El Toro Loco look at fierce as you want. With this crazy realistic sounds, it is just like a real running monster truck. Large styrofoam tires with a rubber grip track in the middle makes climbing and maneuvering a breeze.

What a bruiser!! All the kids wanted a shot at this bad boy. The biggest of them bunch and looking the meanest. The kids enjoyed moving the horns back and forth and chasing the other cars around. It makes all those cool monster truck noises including the low rumbling idle when it’s not in motion. It easily ran over some of the other RC cars at the party. Built in USB charging cord in a securable compartment on the bottom makes not losing the cord possible. Overall a Beast of a truck.

Batman, All-Terrain Batmobile Remote Control Vehicle

All terrain 1:15 scale batmobile RC car. This car can tackle rocks, snow, grass, dirt, sand and yes – even water. With a water resistant body and styrofoam tires you can drive this car directly on top of any body of water – mud puddle or across your pool. Can hold most 4″ Batman figurines, there’s a little compartment you can put Batman in and lock him securely inside. Has a built in charging cable that can also be tucked away neatly underneath the chassis.

Another favorite with everyone! You can test the limits of this batmobile by driving it everywhere possible! The batmobile is one of the fastest RC cars I’ve had the chance to play with in a very long time, it really gets going. It’s a very sleek design and just gorgeous to look at. The kids love to put Batman into his car before take off. Having the built in cord is such a genius idea, I’ve lost too many chargers with no knowledge of where to even look. The remote is simple enough for the younger kids to use. Overall a beautiful car with power and grace.

Ending Thoughts

Firstly, I want to give a huge thanks to Tryazon and Spinmaster for gifting us these amazing cars so that we could test them and share our experience with all of you!

Secondly, I know you are wondering where you can get these for yourself. Just click on the links below and it’ll take you directly to the website to purchase.

Air Hogs Gravitor

Air Hogs Super Soft, Jump Fury

Monster Jam Grave Digger Freestyle Force

Monster Jam Official Grave Digger vs Megalodon Racing Rivals Remote Control Monster Trucks

Monster Jam El Toro Loco RC Monster Truck

Batman, All-Terrain Batmobile Remote Control Vehicle

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post! Make sure to check out Tryazon and Spinmaster to join in the fun! Have a wonderful day my friends!


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