Mine Monster

Mine Monster

By Brittany Plumeri

Monster Manners Lab Series

28 Pages

Ages 0-12

Once Upon A Page Press


All over the world, there are reports of children turning into MINE monsters when they see someone else touch something they like, so Noah has been hard at work on the cure……

but he can’t do it without YOUR help!Your child will love jumping, turning, shouting, and learning to use their kind words to express their feelings and learn to share.

Our Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you have kids or know anyone who has kids then you can totally relate to this book! For some reason children think that if you touch something that is theirs it gives them complete rights to throw a fit and take it back by force lol. This book helps to teach them to slow down, calm down and think before they go crazy! In the back of the book is a certificate of achievement when your child learns to control their “Mine Monster.” The illustrations are adorable, they make you want to pick the monsters up and SQUEEZE THEM!

Meet The Author

I am an Elementary school teacher and proud toddler mom. My books surround the theme of empathy as every year I express to my students how important it is to spread kindness. My new series “Monster Manners Lab” is a toddler based series. These books are interactive and have toddlers thinking of ways that include using their “kind” words to make better choices. I currently have the first two books available now, “How to cure a mine monster” and “How to cure a whiny werewolf”

Connect With Brittany





Huge thank you to Brittany for gifting us a copy of Mine Monster so that we could share our honest review with you! To get your copy click on the book below.

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