The Boy Who Picked His Nose

The Boy Who Picked His Nose By Sara Van Buskirk A cute little boy loved to pick his nose. After ignoring many warning signs to stop, he undergoes a BIG transformation. Life became difficult and different in a very unique way. Will he find a way to turn back into a little boy? Will he … Continue reading The Boy Who Picked His Nose

My ABCs Of Africa

My ABCs Of Africa By Dr. Jasoe Sharpe Hargrove My ABCs of Africa is a very informative book. Whether you are knowledgeable about the Continent of Africa or just learning about it, this book is a must read. It takes readers on a journey to uncover Africa's vast diversity and reveal some unknowns. It is … Continue reading My ABCs Of Africa

It’s Ok To Be A Unicorn!

It's Ok To Be A Unicorn! By Jason Tharp An inspiring picture book, Jason Tharp’s It’s Okay To Be A Unicorn! features a unicorn pretending to be a horse―until he learns to embrace his true self. Cornelius J. Sparklesteed is known among all the other horses in Hoofington for his beautiful and creative handmade hats. … Continue reading It’s Ok To Be A Unicorn!

If You Can’t Bear Hug, Air Hug

If You Can't Bear Hug, Air Hug by Katie Sedmak Join fuzzy bears, flapping owls, and more adorable animal friends as they prove that distance can't overcome love and friendship! "If You Can't Bear Hug, Air Hug" is an uplifting book of rhymes for children that explores the creative ways animals might show affection while … Continue reading If You Can’t Bear Hug, Air Hug

The Parable Of Mama Giraffe

The Parable Of Mama Giraffe by Bachar Karroum “Does God really exist?”“How can I believe in what I cannot see?” The notion of God can be difficult for young children to comprehend. This kid's book offers parents a creative way to introduce the existence of God in a simple, fun and smart way. This beautifully … Continue reading The Parable Of Mama Giraffe

Ruby The Rainbow Witch

Ruby The Rainbow Witch - A Picture-Perfect Rainbow Day by Kim Ann Ruby the Rainbow Witch along with her rainbow dress, picture-perfect hat, swirly-whirly wand goes on a wonderful whirly walk and shows us how to make every day a picture-perfect rainbow day. With the perfect blend of sweetness and colorful illustrations, Ruby discovers just … Continue reading Ruby The Rainbow Witch