Purify My Heart: A Dialogue with Jesus

Purify My Heart: A Dialogue with Jesus By Isabelle Joye Christian Devotional Journal 304 Pages ‎Deepriver Books Paperback ~ Kindle In her own devotional prayer journal, Isabelle Joye records not only Scripture and her prayers to the Lord, but also what she senses Jesus is saying to her in response. The result is a beautiful … Continue reading Purify My Heart: A Dialogue with Jesus


Christmas Picks Part IV

Christmas Activity Books I've had the pleasure of covering so many great Christmas books. I still have another part coming up tomorrow! Here are three awesome Christmas Activity books you can do with your children or let them do alone! The Thankful Reindeer Journal Author: Hayley Rose Publisher: Flowered Press Description The Thankful Reindeer is … Continue reading Christmas Picks Part IV