Dear Mrs. President

Dear Mrs. President By Ana Maria Medici Illustrated by Nurit Benchetrit Motchan Picture Book 20 Pages Ages 3-7 Medici Inc. Hardcover - Kindle In Dear Mrs. President, a child's letter to the first female President of the United States, becomes a symbol of hope and a touching tribute to all female leaders, everywhere. With no … Continue reading Dear Mrs. President

It’s Me

It's Me By Jeff Kubiak, Illustrated by Briannah Alpeter It’s Me is dedicated to every person who has ever felt less about who they are or want to be because of someone else’s opinion, feelings, or prejudice. Let's ditch the prejudiced labeling, and embrace our Human Race for the diversity, inclusivity, equity, and individuality we … Continue reading It’s Me

Unlikely Friends

Unlikely Friends By Susan Banki When choosing a friend, look for kindness and laughter. You'll find that your life's full of joy ever after. A baby rhino and a billy goat form an unlikely friendship. Working together they overcome adversity and the scorn of their animal peers. Their friendship eventually is put to the test … Continue reading Unlikely Friends