Kids Double Sided Easel

NextX Kids Double Sided Easel We just got one of these amazing easels for our son. He loves to draw (mostly on things he shouldn't) and has a healthy obsession with magnets. So this easel was a no-brainer. At the end of this post I'll tell you where to get yours - at 40% off … Continue reading Kids Double Sided Easel


Beauty Product Must Haves

Hey momma's! I've found that being self quarantined and not leaving your own house many different things take place. For me I've been trying to get myself organized and back to my regular "at home" routine.  Included in this is my daily beauty regimen.  I am so happy I have! So for those that don't … Continue reading Beauty Product Must Haves

Models The Whole Family Will Enjoy!

As parents we all continuously try to find ways for our children to be creative.  In a day and age where electronics rule, sometimes it's hard to find something our children will enjoy.  Don't get me wrong there are plenty of educational apps out there, but you don't want your child relying on a tablet … Continue reading Models The Whole Family Will Enjoy!