Rory And Friends

Rory And Friends By Juliette & Kayleigh Bond Illustrated by Martynas Marchiusm Picture Book 32 Pages Ages 0-99 Bear With Us Productions Paperback The Adventures of Rory & Friends is the first book in the series. Rory the Raccoon is the main character in the book who has a facial birthmark that makes him a … Continue reading Rory And Friends

Right Now, I Am Kind

Right Now, I Am Kind By Dr. Daniela Owen Illustrated by Gülce Baycik 48 Pages Ages 3-8 Picture Book Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream Hardcover - Paperback Sometimes children just want to think about themselves, but we live in a world with lots of other people. It's important to be aware of and kind to … Continue reading Right Now, I Am Kind

You’re More Than A Sprout

You're More Than A Sprout By Jill Roman Lord Illustrated by Sarah Demonteverde Picture Book 32 Pages Ages 4-8 B&H Kids Hardcover - Audiobook What if you grow to be more than you ever imagined? Little Bamboo Seed happily floats through the sky, dreaming of his exciting new life. But suddenly—slam! He finds himself buried … Continue reading You’re More Than A Sprout

The One And Only Sparkella

The One And Only Sparkella By Channing Tatum Illustrated by Kim Barnes Picture Book 48 Pages Ages 4-8 Feiwel & Friends / Macmillan Hardcover - Kindle - Audiobook Ella is excited for her first day at a new school. Glimmering pencil case? Check! Shimmering backpack? Check!Glittery ribbons in her hair? Check! She can't wait to … Continue reading The One And Only Sparkella