All I Want For My Birthday

All I Want For My Birthday By Katie Collins Illustrated by Miruna Cracium A young boy wants to get something nice for his mother’s birthday. He asks her what she wants each day and she responds with some crazy ideas. But the boy believes he can give her everything and does his best to accomplish … Continue reading All I Want For My Birthday


Every Voice Counts! Make Yourself Heard!

Every Voice Counts! Make Yourself Heard! By Dr. Seuss Encourage someone to speak up for their beliefs with this small, hardcover giftbook featuring art by Dr. Seuss! An ideal choice instead of a greeting card, it includes unrhymed lines about using your voice to advocate for change! Just as Horton the Elephant urged the Whos … Continue reading Every Voice Counts! Make Yourself Heard!

Herbert Loves Sherbert

Herbert Loves Sherbert By Joanie Leopold Herbert Clark's favorite food is sherbet, in all its glorious, Technicolor flavors. When his grandmother comes to babysit for a week, Herb is pretty sure he can trick her into feeding him sherbet for every meal. Is Grandma on to Herbert's game? Will Herbert learn that having your wishes … Continue reading Herbert Loves Sherbert

Max The Magnet’s Magnificent Journey

Max The Magnet's Magnificent Journey By Daniel Olcsvary Max the Magnet is a young boy who attracts nothing but negative energy!  He is constantly full of anger, and bad things keep happening to him!  Max has a meeting with his school counselor who teaches him the tools to attract positive energy into his life!  What … Continue reading Max The Magnet’s Magnificent Journey

Unlikely Friends

Unlikely Friends By Susan Banki When choosing a friend, look for kindness and laughter. You'll find that your life's full of joy ever after. A baby rhino and a billy goat form an unlikely friendship. Working together they overcome adversity and the scorn of their animal peers. Their friendship eventually is put to the test … Continue reading Unlikely Friends

How Steven The Bear Invented S’mores

How Steven The Bear Invented S'mores By Scott Hall How Steven the Bear invented S’mores is a fun camping story with Steven and his friends. They hike, camp, find animals, bird watch and on this particular adventure, Steven accidentally invents the amazing treat of S’mores. It’s a great read aloud picture book, with fun life … Continue reading How Steven The Bear Invented S’mores

The Wonders Of Summer

The Wonders Of Summer By Kealy Connor Lonning This beautiful, heartwarming story, shows a little girl and her loving dad, as they experience the wonders of summer! The world is joyful and magical, when seen through a child's eyes, and the splendid season of summer, is waiting for them to explore! Such a delightful book, … Continue reading The Wonders Of Summer

The Adventures Of Harry & Friends

The Adventures Of Harry & Friends - The Day I Met My Best Friend By Sarah Tucker Learning to make new friends can be scary... especially when you move to a new place.  Join Harry as he learns to overcome his fear of not being accepted and understand that it’s okay to be yourself as … Continue reading The Adventures Of Harry & Friends