Two Wolves

Two Wolves by Tom Hunter, illustrated by Ella Hunter-Dupuy The greatest moment in human history is Christ's crucifixion and resurrection. Along the way, He sought out two sinners, who joined Him on Calvary that day, and showed them the path to salvation. Faith in Him is the only way to eternal life, and He seeks … Continue reading Two Wolves

Tooth Fairy Tommy

Tooth Fairy Tommy by Stefanie Hilarczyk, illustrated by Taylor Coon Tommy is a new tooth fairy, trying to find his place among the other fairies. He's not very good at his job. It's not until he meets a special little boy named Jimmy that he understands what it truly means to be a tooth fairy. … Continue reading Tooth Fairy Tommy

Backpacks and Baguettes

Backpacks and Baguettes By Sam & Angus Morrison - Illustrated by Marco Primo You're only a child once. Capturing the world through young eyes is difficult. Backpacks and Baguettes attempts to better understand what children think, see, feel, and smell when they are traveling. Everything is new, and everyone is a possible friend.Your guide is … Continue reading Backpacks and Baguettes

Green Toys – A Is For Airplane

A Is For Airplane By Sara Paculdo, Kaara Kallen & Frances Cheng Explore the alphabet with airplanes, animals, teapots & more. Green Toys earth-friendly playthings encourage open and imaginative play, nurturing young minds and inspiring bright futures. Printed on 100% recycled paper in the USA. What We Think ★★★★★ First let's talk about the book. … Continue reading Green Toys – A Is For Airplane

Max The Magnet’s Magnificent Journey

Max The Magnet's Magnificent Journey By Daniel Olcsvary Max the Magnet is a young boy who attracts nothing but negative energy!  He is constantly full of anger, and bad things keep happening to him!  Max has a meeting with his school counselor who teaches him the tools to attract positive energy into his life!  What … Continue reading Max The Magnet’s Magnificent Journey

How Steven The Bear Invented S’mores

How Steven The Bear Invented S'mores By Scott Hall How Steven the Bear invented S’mores is a fun camping story with Steven and his friends. They hike, camp, find animals, bird watch and on this particular adventure, Steven accidentally invents the amazing treat of S’mores. It’s a great read aloud picture book, with fun life … Continue reading How Steven The Bear Invented S’mores