Dreadful Beauty Book Tour

Dreadful Beauty

By L.M. Rapp

Epic Fantasy

364 Pages ‎

Atoll (February 28, 2022)

Paperback ~ Kindle

A girl undergoing a terrifying transformation goes on an epic quest to find a refuge from her ruthless father. Nymphosis, a disease that turns Humans into Chimeras, is ravaging the land of Gashom.

The More-Than-Pure, determined to protect themselves, have seized power and enacted segregationist laws.

The daughter of a high dignitary, young Neria learns she is afflicted by the very disease her father is determined to eradicate.

Forced to surrender her privileges, she must flee her home in the capital and traverse the strange wilds to seek refuge with her fellow kind.

Will she have the courage to fight oppression to emancipate the Chimeras from the yoke of the More-Than-Pure?

My Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A wonderful story about one girls dynamic journey. Neria, is the daughter of the leader of the More-Than-Pure, the humans. He fights for the segregation of the More-Than-Pure and their “lesser’s” the Chimeras. When Neria begins to change she is banished to the land of Chimeras. She then begins her real journey, finding out who she is, what real respect looks and acts like. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Neria grow. I was captivated from the first chapter. Rapp has a way with words that made reading this such a pleasure. I found the book to be atmospheric. The story propels you forward at a steady pace, no slow or dull moments. Overall I really enjoyed this one and definitely recommend!

About The Author

L.M. Rapp has lived in different countries and practiced several professions: dentist, web developer, artist, aikido teacher, farmer. Eager to learn and discover, she uses her experiences to enrich her stories. She has also written a thriller, Of Flesh and Tears.

Website ~ Facebook ~ Instagram ~ Twitter

Huge thanks to L.M. Rapp for my gifted copy! To grab one or learn more click one of the links below!

Amazon ~ Goodreads

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