Knight Of Flames Book Tour

I’m thrilled to be taking part in the Knight Of Flames Book Tour, hosted by Escapist Tours. Check out my review below!

Knight Of Flames

Inheritance Book 2

By A.K. Faulkner

LGBTQ+ Urban Fantasy

388 Pages

Ravensword Press (Self Published)

Some men are forged in fire. Others are consumed by it.

Quentin d’Arcy survived a showdown with a god. Now, he must face something far more terrifying—his feelings. Falling in love was never part of his plan, and the secret he’s kept from Laurence may burn them both.

Kane Wilson is building a better world, leaving a trail of bodies as he goes. To him, no price is too high to build a future where psychics are out, proud, with no need to fear those who hate them. Through fate or fortune, Quentin is the psychic community’s last defense against Kane’s murderous plans and monstrous power.

Where others have no choice but to obey Kane’s every word, Quentin alone can shrug off the compulsion. Only Quentin can walk into the fire, but not even Laurence’s prophetic gifts can say whether he will emerge unscathed.

Content/Trigger Warnings: • Mind control • Murder • Violence • Gore • Vomit • Sexual intimacy • Drug use • Addiction

Alluded To: • Childhood sexual assault • Trafficking of a minor

My Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

An explosive follow up to Jack of Thorns. If you haven’t picked this series up yet, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for. Quentin is such an amazing character and I’ve enjoyed watching him grow. Faulkner does a phenomenal job at having the reader feel the emotions and tension throughout the story. The world building is flawless, not a bunch of information dumping. All the characters are well drawn out, you feel like you’re right there with them. The plot is fun with plenty of surprises. Overall a great read that I highly recommend!!

About The Author

AK Faulkner is the author of the Inheritance series of contemporary fantasy novels, which begins with Jack of Thorns. AK lives just outside of London, England, with a charismatic Corgi. Together they fight crime and try not to light too many fires on the way.

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Huge thanks to Escapist Tours & A.K. Faulkner for my gifted copy! You can learn more or grab yours below!

Website ~ Goodreads

Thank you so much for stopping by, have a wonderful day my friends!

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