A Gleam Amidst The Dark Book Tour & Interview

A Gleam Amidst The Dark

The Rhythmist Cycle Book 2

By Julie Janis


414 Pages

Independently Published

Paperback ~ Kindle

The eternal winter is broken and spring is coming. Though the High Realm is in more danger than before…

After discovering the truth of his past, Derrick journeys to the Elven Land where he can grow his Rhythmist abilities and work to destroy Dark magic, and restore peace to the High Realm. Though Derrick can’t let go of feeling like this destiny was forced on him and the weight pressing on his shoulders is heavier than he expected–or even wanted.

Kota was lucky to survive against the Dark mark placed on her, though she wasn’t prepared for the scars that accompanied the gruesome mark. In an effort to redeem herself from her mistake, Kota joins Derrick on his quest to defeat Darkness. But doubts cloud her vision and she doesn’t know how to continue on.

Elias battles with the Darkness within him and it’s grown worse since saving Kota’s life. And when Queen Lavinia returns and forces a task on him, he has two choices: drown in the Darkness or accept her task to kill the Rhythmists and the girl he loves.

Join Derrick, Kota, and Elias on a harrowing journey in the gripping sequel of The Rhythmist Cycle as they fight to dispel Darkness and overcome their haunting mistakes.

My Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A magical story with the battle between good and evil. I loved the characters, Kota, Derrick, Alfi & Elias. All different in so many ways yet band together to do what’s right. The characters are well drawn out and watching them grow was fantastic. The story flowed beautifully with no down time. The plot was fun and refreshing. Alfi is probably my favorite little fairy ever – she’s got such spunk. Overall I loved those series and am so glad to have gotten the chance to take this journey with them. Make sure to check out A Song Among The Silence first, then dive right into A Gleam Amidst The Dark.

About The Author

Julie Janis has loved creating stories ever since she was a kid. After using all her parent’s copy paper to make books, she now types them out into stories. She received a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University-Idaho and when she’s not writing she’s reading for hours, running on trails, and exploring forests. She lives in Utah with her husband and Aussie. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel (Julie Janis Books) and newsletter at www.juliejanisbooks.com for writing updates and bookish love.

Interview With Julie

1. What was your inspiration behind The Rhythmist Cycle?

– Music has always been a big part of my life. After reading Brandon Sanderson’s novels with unique magic systems, I couldn’t help but contemplate a magic system revolving around music. With a lot of brainstorming, that’s where I came up with the Rhythmists and their ability to create magic through music. I also always wanted to write a winter fantasy, and it just so happened that it worked out great for my first book.

2. Who was your favorite character to create?

– All of them were a blast to write, but I think Alfi has got to be up there. I had a fun time thinking of her quirks, the little things she would say throughout the story, and what her relationship with Derrick would be like.

3. What was the hardest aspect of writing your first book?

– If we’re talking the very first book I ever wrote, the hardest part was just learning how to write in the first place. But if we’re talking just A Song Among the Silence, there honestly isn’t anything I can think of that was really hard. There are a lot of hard aspects I can say about the sequels, but the story for A Song Among the Silence came so effortlessly to me and writing it felt like a breeze. Of course there was a lot of editing I needed to do, but I knew exactly what to do to fix the changes I needed to make.

4. What’s your ideal writing space?

– Any place quiet where there aren’t any distractions. Sometimes it’s at the library and other times it’s at home while I’m walking on my treadmill.

5. Your favorite read of 2022 so far?

– Either Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson or Suns Will Rise by Jessica Brody and Joanne Rendell. Both are fantastic epic sequels in amazing series!

6. Do you have a favorite or auto-buy author?

– I love anything by Brandon Sanderson and Marissa Meyer. I’ve loved all their books and can trust I’ll enjoy their future books.

7. What do you have in the works coming up?

– I’m in the middle of finishing The Rhythmist Cycle and after that, I’m not sure yet. I’ve got ideas for a number of fantasies that I would love to write and get out into the world.

Huge thanks to Julie for my gifted copies. To grab one for yourself click the link below!

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Thank you all for joining me today, have a great week!


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