Giving Gal

Giving Gal

By Stephanie L. Jones

Illustrated by Angelina Valieva

Picture Book

36 Pages

Ages 3+

‎Giving Gal Press

Hardcover ~ Paperback ~ Kindle ~ Audiobook

Gabi loves giving. It has always been easy. That is until she meets her match, Mr. Brink, while visiting her grandma. But Gabi is persistent. She refuses to give up until she has brought a smile to the faces of all she meets. And in the end, it’s Mr. Brink who gives her a gift she will never forget.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A wonderful story about one selfless little girl. Gabi wishes she had a nickname like her older sister. When she goes to a elderly assisted home she tries to make everyone there happy. However, there’s one gentleman, Mr. Brink, that will bite budge – grumpy as ever. That doesn’t stop Gabi though she’s determined to make Me. Brink smile. She finally succeeds and finds out exactly why he’s so grumpy and upset. After asking her name he decides to give her a nickname – Giving Gal or G.G. for short because that’s exactly what she is. A beautiful story for all ages. Kindness and compassion goes such a long way, to teach our children that early on is the best way. The illustrations in this book were phenomenal, some of my favorites. So very detailed and life-like. Also I thought it was a nice touch to have pages where you had to “find the hearts” – me and my son had a lot of fun doing that together as well. Overall it’s a great book, definitely worth checking out.

About The Author

Stephanie L. Jones is on a mission to inspire others to give and practice gratitude daily. She loves sharing her message in schools, churches, and with companies. Besides her children’s book, Giving Gal, she’s an award-winning author of The Giving Challenge, The Gratitude Challenge, and Thank-You Notes to God. She lives out her dreams with her hubby, Mike.

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Website: and

Huge thanks to Stephanie for my gifted copy. To grab one for yourself click on the website above or you can access Amazon below!

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