WompleBox: Iceland

It’s that time again! Are you ready to travel to Iceland with Womple?

If you’ve been following me for a while now then you should already be familiar with WompleBox. If not keep reading and you’ll soon find out all about this amazing kids subscription box!

Each WompleBox takes you on a trip to another country! We are going to be checking out WompleBox Iceland today.

Each WompleBox includes: Book, 2 STEM Projects, Poster, Collectable Key Chain & Sticker Sheet, Postcard, and Stationary to write your pen pal. You can purchase the Womple plush separately. So let’s discover what Iceland’s box has in store for us!

The Book

Since I’m a huge advocate for childhood literacy let’s start with the book. We have “Saga Of The Guardians” – our Iceland themed book.

Hot chocolate and a good book. It doesn’t get much better than that! Well, that’s what I used to think. When my perfectly normal nighttime walk to see the northern lights turns into an epic adventure, it’s like I’m living in a storybook that I’ll never forget. From glacier volcanoes, ice caves, waterfalls, and black sand beaches to elves, trolls, dragons, and griffins… welcome to Iceland!

STEM Projects

Our first STEM Project is the Huldufolk craft. Everything you need to create your own Icelandic Hidden Person. From glue to paint WompleBox has you covered. You and your child can make your own personalized Huldufolk.

Next up we have the Icelandic Horse STEM Project. This project is a cross stitch craft. You get to choose the colors of your horse and stitch the pattern you want.

The Collectables

The Poster

The Iceland Poster folds out and you get a huge map of Iceland. It’s a cartoon map with landmarks and some of the cool things Iceland offers. On the opposite side you’ll find a recipe, native to Iceland – Kladdkaka which means sticky cake in Icelandic! There’s also a section for Nature and History. The last section gives you the continents location (also highlighted on the picture of Earth next to it), the population, language, capital city, currency and the Country map!

The Stationary & Keychain

Pictured above is the Iceland Postcard, complete with the topics gone over throughout the WompleBox. There’s also Iceland paper,envelope and Iceland stickers to share your adventure to Iceland with which you choose! Then we have the Troll Keychain.

Our Thoughts

Rating: 5 out of 5.

We absolutely love Womple and WompleBox! It’s such a great learning experience for child and parent alike. I’ve learned so much about different countries since getting WompleBox. One of the key features is that Everything is included for you. You don’t have to go looking for glue or paint brushes, WompleBox supplies it all. You can just sit down with the box and enjoy. You get two very cool projects that are not only STEM certified but give you a great keepsake to cherish forever. As huge fans of reading – we love the book for each country. The stationary, stickers and keychains are the icing on the cake – awesome mementos to remind you of your special journey to that country. Everything comes neatly packed in a gorgeous box. It’s a totally immersible experience your child won’t forget!

I’ve had the honor to partner with Womple Studios for a while now and the boxes just keep getting better and better. We haven’t come across any boxes that we didn’t adore. WompleBox is perfect for children ages 6-10. However, they are getting ready to launch DinoBox for the younger ones.

We’re building a dino-themed subscription box for kid-explorers ages 3 to 5. DinoBox is the perfect gift for dinosaur-obsessed kids. Hands-on, sensory-rich games and projects, award-winning illustrations, and more to encourage and enrich your child.

Stay tuned here and I’ll let you know as soon as it goes live (we are super excited about this one as well!)

Starting March 21st – April 21st DinoGlows will available for pre-order for a full month. Purchase ahead of time and get an early-bird discount of 10% off, no discount code necessary.

What kids don’t love dinosaurs? These soft cuddly, reversible, glow in the dark dinos have it all!!

So if you are looking for the WompleBox or the DinoGlows click the link below, you will not be disappointed! Shipping is always FREE to the United States and you can use FIRSTMONTH30 to get 30% off your first box!

Get WompleBox

You can also check out WompleBox on social media you can check them out below!

Facebook ~ Instagram

Thank you so much for coming by today, have a wonderful day! And keep a lookout for next months WompleBox country!


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