Ouva Hugs A Star

Ouva Hugs A Star

By Mike Puglielli

Picture Book

32 Pages

Ages 2-6 ‎

Small Giants Publishing


This heartwarming bedtime book tells the story of an adventurous girl who sets off to discover things that seem usually left for boys—like being an astronaut who goes to space. In Ouva Hugs a Star, the main character Ouva decides to act on her curiosity one night and journey to space. Along the way, she meets a friend, journeys to the moon, and ends up tucking in a few stars. Ouva Hugs a Star brings STEM careers, like this, to young girls to inspire discovery, imagination, and self-confidence.

Small Giants Publishing is an independent children’s book publisher. Small Giants Publishing focuses on STEM and STEAM children’s stories that help young girl readers reimagine their futures through children’s books. With a focus on STEM & STEAM, Small Giants Publishing’s children stories are imaginative, modern, inclusive, and inspiring. These children’s books are published for young girl and boy readers between the ages of 3-5.

Features & details:

  • Signed by author
  • Fully illustrated dust jacket
  • STEM space focus
  • Young girl empowerment
  • Imagination & discovery
  • Self-confidence building
  • Girl self-empowering
  • Astronomy, space, & physics facts

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

An amazing book that explores imagination and goals. Ouva has quite the imagination and is always dreaming about some new adventures. In this book she dreams about being an astronaut and traveling to space to see the stars and visit the moon. I think it’s so important to encourage your children whether it’s their dreams for what they want to be or just their imaginative play – they are both equally positive places for a child’s mind to be. Mike Puglielli does an amazing job at capturing a day in the life of a curious little girl with a great imagination. I absolutely loved how Ouva tucks the stars in so they can sleep well. The illustrations are stunning and bring the story to life. There’s also a ton of great information about space on the last page – I love when an author adds in some facts to a phenomenal story! Great book!

About The Author

Mike Puglielli is an author, illustrator, and creative director. Mike is passionate about STEM careers and aims to empower girls to see themselves in the STEM field through his books. As a kid, he could always be found writing short stories or drawing imaginative worlds in his sketchbook, especially during classroom hours at school. Mike lives in just outside of Boston with his wife and two daughters.

Website ~ Instagram ~ Facebook ~ Publishing Website

Huge thanks to Mike for my gifted copy! To grab one for yourself click the link below!

Get The Book

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